Top Contract Management Software For Small Business Owners

Contract management, sometimes referred to as contract administration, is the process of managing various contracts between a business and vendors, customers, partners or employees. If you own a small business, you probably act as contract manager in addition to your role as owner. With the help of top contract management software, you can greatly streamline your work responsibilities. If you want to try using contract management software to simplify the process, keep reading below to learn the best software available.


SpringCM is often named amongst the top contract management solutions for small business owners. The company promises to shorten your contract process by an astounding 75% using their software to automate processes. Spring features allow you to store, share and search for contracts with a central repository. In addition, the software offers pre-approved contract templates, history and versioning capabilities and in depth tracking and reporting tools. Consider SpringCM if you need a convenient solution.


Agiloft contract management software was recognized by PC Magazine as “the most customizable contract management system” available. While the in-depth customization capabilities may be too complicated for some business owners, this platform offers quick setup and a simple user experience. Agiloft, like SpringCm, provides a centralized, searchable repository. In addition, the cm software allows integrated workflows, email alerts and is fully audit compliant. If you want to try out a CM solution, consider giving the Agiloft free trial a go.

SAP Ariba Contract Management

Ariba Contract Management by SAP promises to help business owners manage procurement and sales contracts, IP licenses, internal agreements and more. Like others on this list, Ariba CM provides pre-approved contract templates and a central repository. In addition, the CM solution offers e-signature capabilities, modification alerts and end to end commerce integration. If you want a contract management solution offered by SAP, one of the biggest names in business SaaS, consider Ariba.

Miratech Getting Contracts Done

Miratech Getting Contracts Done software is a great solution tailored to SMBs, small to medium sized businesses. You can use their free trial to take advantage of audit logs, email alerts, e-signature services, user-defined permissions and version control. There is no non-email communication or workflow automators offered by Miratech CM. However, it still provides a straightforward, user-friendly solution for small business owners to streamline contract management.

If you are a small business owner looking for the best contract management software, consider one of the solutions mentioned above. These top CM software solutions help to streamline and automate a crucial part of business. This means less errors and less risk for your small business, which will certainly help improve your odds at success.

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