Conversation Intelligence: What Is It And How Can It Improve Sales Performance?

The conversations between sales reps and customers hold invaluable keys to unlocking greater sales performance within your business. Understanding the underlying dynamics and verbal exchanges as repeating good behavior is proven to establish the difference between teams with higher sales performance and those who fall short.

While valuable information is often lost, misinterpreted, or forgotten as soon as the call has ended,managers can grow disconnected from the true wants and needs in the voice of their clients. Losing touch with the most important part of your business – i.e. your customers – is often why some companies fail to achieve their targets and business performance goals. Conversation Intelligence has proven invaluable and is often an unidentified resource within businesses.

So What Is Conversation Intelligence?

To put it briefly Conversation Intelligence is capturing data, of course most businesses already have a system of capturing and storing customer data for repeat business analysis. Although this is an important process within a business, the most valuable unused resource to any business is the recording of conversations between customers and sales representatives, and this is what Conversation Intelligence is. Recordings are analyzed via Artificial Intelligence software which is able to identify elements of the audio recordings that would otherwise be a difficult – not to mention time-consuming – task for employees.

How Does Conversation Intelligence Work?

Conversation Intelligence can be used by any sales driven company/business. Conversation Intelligence is software that starts with recording phone conversations between sales reps and customers, the recordings are then analyzed by a artificial intelligence that picks up patterns within successful sales, keywords connections, consistency in customer issues, length of call, time taken to reach a sales conversion and much more. Conversation Intelligence software usually encapsulated the following tools: Call recordings, transcriptions of Calls recorded converted to scripts, Scoring of calls, keyword detection.

How Can I Use Conversation Intelligence In My Business?

Conversation Intelligence can be an essential cog in your business team. Knowing the difference between what is working and what is not can be the critical component in progressing your sales team into a seamless successful selling circle. Having access to the elements of what makes a successful sale can aid a company when training new staff. Using pre-recorded phone calls in training can be a powerful prop in gaining the understanding required to establish a collective level of workplace productivity. Transcript from successful sales recordings can act as scripts for new members of the team, while score calling can serve as an important piece when differentiating between a contact that is high- or low-quality lead, identify repeat customer criteria, interest by customer in a certain product or service. Score calls can help to organize interest in particular parts of your business, ultimately enabling focus on leads that will predictively generate better sales conversions and saving time and money!

The ability to detect keywords and how to then respond to them are of great value and a critical piece of any Conversation Intelligence solution. Knowing how to respond in an associated positive proven manner will increase the percentage of the sale/call being successful.

Ultimately all businesses want increased selling/conversion rates! Trial and error are a traditional outdated method. Technology has allowed for businesses to grow by giving us the understanding of human behavior and consumer analysis. Taking full advantage of modern technology allows our businesses to reach their full potential. Enabling and equipping your staff with proven methods of working allows for confidence building in a sale driven environment. By empowering your business with Conversation Intelligence, you are providing invaluable knowledge to successful sales and good customer service through responsive interaction.

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