5 Corporate Scavenger Hunt Ideas For Team Bonding

Corporate teams can enjoy scavenger hunts as much as children in day school. When a manager puts together a corporate scavenger hunt, they initiate more than just a fun day in the office. They create a day full of strategic team building exercises. While you can buy a gift for employees to show appreciation, co-workers have a harder time communicating with each other. Improve your managerial expertise by developing a corporate scavenger hunt that results in a more comfortable office environment and, thus, boosted productivity. Read on to discover the top corporate scavenger hunt ideas for team bonding.

Break Room Cooking

One great corporate scavenger hunt idea that promotes team bonding is break room cooking. The activity of cooking presents a lot of time for conversation. The more employees converse with one another, the more they will get to know each other. Instruct team members to work together to create a dish using only food and supplies found in your office break room. They will be forced to get creative with the task and work together at the same time. As a result, they will expand their creativity as well as their knowledge about one another. This corporate scavenger hunt idea is great for team building.

Landmark Questions

To take your corporate scavenger hunt out of the office, include landmark questions. Visit specific landmarks prior to starting the scavenger hunt. Place answers to questions on monuments and buildings throughout the town. Employees will have to travel to the destination together to receive the answers to questions. Whether they walk, bike, or drive to the different destinations, they will have a decent amount of time to get to know one another during their travels. For this reason, this corporate scavenger hunt idea promotes team bonding.

Co-Workers’ Favorite Books

Another corporate scavenger hunt idea that promotes team bonding is finding their favorite books. By instructing co-workers to hunt for each others’ favorite books, you open their eyes to a less work-related side of one another. The task can spark numerous conversations. Co-workers may have the same favorite book, which will positively affect their perceptions of each other. Team members could also introduce others to new, unheard of novels. This could boost office morale due to employees gaining a deeper understanding of even the most diverse individuals. Regardless, your office will become a more comfortable space where employees can converse with one another after this scavenger hunt task.

Logo Photo Challenge

Employees can bond with each other and advertise your business simultaneously by completing a logo photo challenge. Provide each team with a photo of your corporate logo and a list of nearby destinations. Instruct them to take a photo of the logo at each destination. Tell them to post the photos on social media as they travel from place to place. Their followers’ news feeds will be filled with your company’s logo. As a result, you obtain free advertising and happy employees. This corporate scavenger hunt idea is beneficial to both office culture and marketing.

Construction Tasks

Lastly, consider construction tasks to motivate employees to rely on each other for assistance. Construction tasks can include anything from origami to sculpture. Many managers choose to increase the fun element of this idea by having employees use random objects for their construction. For instance, you can command workers to use newspapers to form pirate hats. Then, have them take a photo of themselves wearing the hats to complete the corporate scavenger hunt task. To take it a step further, supply each team with an employee survey to discover how they liked the scavenger hunt task.

Corporate scavenger hunts enhance office culture and productivity. To develop the best scavenger hunt for employees, you need ideas that promote team building. Include a break room cooking assignment in your hunt. Increase workers’ time spent together by taking your hunt outside of the office with landmark questions. Ask questions about coworkers’ favorite books so they can gain insight into each others’ lives. Advance relationships and advertising by implementing a logo photo challenge. Get creative with construction tasks. These are all the best corporate scavenger hunt ideas for team bonding.

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