How To Create A Webinar That Engages Your Employees

Conveying information to a team of employees needs to be an efficient process. Otherwise, managers can waste a majority of their work day just on emails, phone calls and meetings alone. Thankfully, webinars allow busy managers to streamline communications and trainings, regarding everything from employee incentives to the company’s biggest new projects, into an efficient process. Unfortunately, some managers are still unfamiliar with how to create a webinar for their employees. If you are one of those managers, you should certainly dedicate some time to learning how to do a webinar. Find out the webinar tips and tricks you need to know to create engaging webinars in the post below.

Find A Software

The first step to creating a webinar is to find the right software. Webinar software solutions are available at every price point. Obviously, the pricier options will have additional helpful features and tools. However, there are many free webinar software options to choose from as well. The top free webinar tools will offer you all the basic features you need to create a basic webinar for employees. Depending on your price point, set a budget. Then, you can choose the best webinar tools to help you get the job done without breaking the bank.

Gather A Team

Once you have the webinar software, you need to gather a webinar team. This team of three employees will help you pull off a successful webinar. Every webinar team should consist of three positions – an organizer, a presenter and an assistant. These three parties work together to plan, present and pull off an engaging, interactive webinar. Gather the most competent employees to help you in this task. They will be your webinar team responsible for creating a webinar that engages all participants.

Set A Date

Next, you have to set a date for your webinar. This is something that the organizer team member can assist with. But, you need to be sure to make it at a time that is best for yourself as well as all other anticipated webinar attendees. If you want to maximize webinar participation and attendance, you must also take that into consideration in your scheduling. Consider your current employee schedule. You may want to steer clear of hosting a webinar on a Monday or Friday. As long as you follow these tips, you will be able to set a date that will make all the effort it takes to create a webinar worthwhile.

Write A Script

Once you have a date set for your webinar, you need to start working on a script. Writing a webinar script will help you avoid any mistakes or omissions on the day of the event. It will help you make sure you cover everything you want to cover, so that you can create a webinar people will remember for all the right reasons. You do not have to follow the script down to the last letter. But, it will act as a great guideline and pacing schedule to help keep you on track and on time for the duration of the webinar. Creating a webinar script is one of the best preparatory steps you can take to pull off an engaging and exciting online event.

Get Employees Registered

Get employees registered for the webinar at least a week prior to the date you plan to actually host it. This will ensure that all your employees receive a reminder on the day and time of the event. That leaves them with no excuses for missing the important, company-wide webinar. Registering employees also gives you an idea in advance of how many people you should be expecting to present to. This helps your webinar team better prepare for the digital event. When trying to create a webinar, take the time to register webinar participants in advance.

Hosting a webinar is a great way to streamline managerial communications, except crisis communications of course. This will make your whole work day more efficient. But in order to effectively use these management tools, you need to learn how to create a webinar that goes off without a hitch. Follow the webinar tips and tricks detailed above to host a webinar that attendees actually want to participate in. Once you do, you will be thankful for the new, efficient management strategy you have in your back pocket.

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