6 Key Steps To Create A Business Website For Selling Ecommerce Products

Creating a website can feel like an immense undertaking when starting out, fortunately there are important steps to follow to create business websites to sell products online. When initially creating an eCommerce site to sell products the process is easier than you think. Building an online website is the quickest way to gain business, develop brand identity, increase sales and find a larger group of customers. As a small online business owner you want to have an easy approach to getting your site operational. These key steps will improve your success to begin that initial leap into to create your eCommerce business. Read more below on what milestones you should work towards when creating your website.

Register A Website Domain Name

To sell ecommerce products, you need to register a website domain name. The domain name is the address or “name” of your website on the internet. The best domain names are short, memorable and easy to spell. Ideally, the domain should represent your brand, website or industry. If the domain includes particular product keywords, it could help your SEO and organic reach. Considering these factors, choose a domain name and check its availability. You can contact an owner to buy the domain outright. Or, you can register another extension like .net, .co, biz or others. By registering your domain, you can reserve the name where your website will be found online to sell products.

Choose A Ready-Made Online Store Theme

Next, select a online store theme that matches your brand, products and audience. Themes and templates are built to save you time when creating a business website. These templates are meant to be customized with your own content, images and call to action buttons. If you are implementing an ecommerce platform like WordPress or Shopify, you can find hundreds of templates online. Choose a template that matches the design and aesthetic of your industry. Or, find a theme that matches the colors and elements you would like to have, then customize the images and layout. Depending on your level of design experience, you should look for a theme that closely resembles the type of ecommerce website you would like to create.

Add In Your Top-Selling Products

Upload your products to create a business website that customers can buy on. When uploading your products, you should have the essential details ready. Each product should have a descriptive name, regular price, sale price, product category and dimensions (or weight). Depending on the products you are selling, you will need to specify attributes, product variations, sizes, colors and quantities. Then, add your descriptions, ecommerce photos and product videos. This allows customers to see what they are buying. While uploading products, the content should be simple, unique, and on-brand. By uploading strong product pages, you can setup your business website for more sales.

Integrate Secure Payment Gateways

When creating a business website, integrate a shopping cart and eCommerce payment gateway with enhanced security. Your payment system will have a major impact on customer conversion rates. If possible, include multiple payment methods so buyers can make payment using the credit card, platform or provider of their choice. Additionally, consider the currency and geographic options if you are selling products internationally. In some cases, your payment gateway may have to account for sales tax, VAT or other surcharges. Of course, your ecommerce merchant processing fees will vary greatly depending on the provider and gateway used. Definitely, choose a reliable and secure payment processing company for building your ecommerce website.

Prepare For Your Business Website Launch

With your products and payments in place, prepare your website to launch live. Start by sharing it internally with staff or friends to get some initial feedback. Then, set a date to share your online business website with the world. Have your social media platforms ready. Send out an email blast with the new link. If you have YouTube channel, post a video. Ask some influencers to check out your products, and possibly offer them a discount to share with their audience. Take a full multi-channel strategy to launching your website to start generating sales from day one.

These are the key steps to create a website and start selling products and services online. First, you need a domain that defines your brand, category or products. Then, choose a theme that fits the aesthetic and functionality that you require. Upload products with strong descriptions and crisp images or videos that sell. Carefully, integrate a secure payment gateway that protects you and customers from any fraudulent activity. With all the core components built out, prepare to launch the new website. Follow these key steps to create a business website to sell ecommerce products online.

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