5 Criteria For The Best Intranet Software In The Cloud

Intranet software has become an important tool for businesses large and small. These internal websites connect employees and digitize the operations management process. Some companies choose intranet to help simplify file storage and sharing. Other companies need it to build communication with traveling and remote employees at different serviced offices. Still others want to get more efficiency and engagement for their employees. Whatever the reason, an office manager looking for intranet software will find a range of options to choose from. This range, and the different options each affords, can be confusing. However, there are some things all intranets should do. The best intranet software should have these five criteria.

Cloud-Based Software

Cloud solutions are radically changing who can get an intranet. Before, only companies able to afford their own servers and custom-built interfaces. The high price tag and time intensive set-up meant only the largest and richest companies could have intranets. However, in the last few years there’s been a proliferation of cloud-based alternatives. These intranets are easy to implement with simple customizable tools. Without servers they also require no maintenance or large IT team to work. As a result, make sure the software you pick is cloud-based. It will save you significant time and costs in set-up.

Strong Search Function

Your intranet will need a very capable search engine. Once set-up, one of the main things employees will do on your intranet is connect with documents in your system. If they don’t know where those files are, they’ll use the search function to find them. The search function needs to be advanced enough that the employee can find their document within two searches, even if they’re only searching from keywords or small business hashtags. Check the software your considering, to confirm it has updating search analytics or clear governance on content management. Without a good search function files might become permanently lost in your own system.

Automated Forms

One of the great ways an intranet can improve productivity is by automating a lot of common intra-office jobs. Good intranet software will provide you with the tools to produce self-service forms for employees to fill out. These forms can cover everything from requesting time off, to requisitions, to approving expense reports. This automation not only speeds up the process for employees, it also frees your HR and operations departments to handle more complicated services. This is a tool that can really improve efficiency everywhere in your office and really should be included in any good intranet software.

Communication Tools

Intranet software really jumps to a new level when mixed with communication tech. The best intranet services are connected to social media, allowing team members to have secure meetings in the intranet. This is particularly essential if your company has a lot of employees who work on the road or remotely. Intranets may even let you divide these communications into separate channels, creating closed spaces where employees from the same department can communicate as a group over the day. Business to today relies heavily on communication. Make sire you have intranet software that can help speed it up.

Mobile Accessible

Employees work on their mobile devices as often as their desk computers. As a result, any intranet software you consider needs to have mobile responsive design integrated with your business technology. This will mean the intranet site can be viewed on a phone or tablet without losing functionality. This will save you endless man hours by letting your employees access your intranet anywhere. Without this feature and intranet software will trap your company at its desk in the 20th century.

An intranet is, at the end of the day, what your company chooses to make of it. Customization is part of the built-in appeal. It can be exactly what you need it to be and doesn’t have things you never use. However, that doesn’t mean that there are not a few things every intranet needs to work properly. Not having any one of the above criteria should be cause for disqualification from your considerations. With out these things, the intranet will never be the tool for your company.

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