5 Crucial Card Access Systems Software Features For Business Security

Card access systems are a crucial component for business security. Without an access control system, your business office is not secure. That could put your employees in danger. It could also prove harmful for the security of your business documents. That is why finding the right card access system is so crucial for an effective business security strategy. But, there are many different types of access control systems out there to choose from. Consider the five features detailed below when searching for access control system solutions. Doing so will help you find the best card access systems to fit your operational needs.


How user-friendly is the security solution you are considering? No access control solution should make it difficult for your workers to do their jobs. Find out how easy it is to add users to and remove users from the system. Is the card access system software interface easy to understand and navigate? If not, the software will not be user-friendly. It could wind up hurting employee productivity and business efficiency overall, even if you utilize other business automation technology. Make sure to consider whether or not each card access system has user-friendly features. Those security solutions that do include user-friendly features will be a much better choice for business operations.

Access Tracking

Access tracking features should be a crucial component of your card access system. You want to be able to easily see at a glance who is coming and going from your building and its various restricted areas. This is the only way to improve business security. These features can be used to investigate workplace attendance issues, unauthorized office access or any other number of office goings-on. According to https://www.bciworldwide.com/, you can eliminate waste internally and externally when you track your personnel carefully. Be sure to only consider the card access solutions for business that include access tracking features. That way, you can find the best card access systems to keep tabs on every single person that walks in and out of your office door.

Scheduling Tools

Access control systems solutions should also include scheduling tools. These tools make it possible to set the exact hours that office doors lock and unlock. This is something you certainly want to be able to control, just as you would with similar live answering service features. It will prevent people from entering the office building after-hours without prior permission. These scheduling tools also make it possible to maximize the efficiency of your access control system. The less time employees waste swiping into building locations throughout the day, the more productive they are. That is why these scheduling features are must-have components of the best card access system software.

Backup Power Source

You should also be careful to choose a card access system that provides an alternative energy source for times of power failure. When there is a power outage, your security features will be worthless. They do not have the power supply to keep the locks locked. Obviously, you do not want to have to be concerned about who is gaining access to the building during a power outage. That is why you need to be sure that the access control technology your office uses has battery backup to supply power during a blackout or similar. This backup battery feature is a must-have tool for effective office security procedures.

Mapping Capabilities

Dynamic mapping features are a helpful aspect of card access security systems. These card access system features make it possible to see all access points visually on-screen. You can easily view all your card access system entry points in a floor plan of your building. These graphic map interface features make it much easier to locate a specific card access point. They also make it easier to set up configurations for your access control system software. If you want to have the best card access systems, you need only consider those that have dynamic mapping features to improve your office security strategy.

All business owners should be worried about protecting their office from unauthorized intruders. Office security is a crucial component of business security strategies that comply with business law. A card access system is the perfect business technology to protect your office building. But, some access control solutions are better than others. Be sure to choose a card access system solution with the features detailed above. These tools will help you make the most of your access control system solutions to protect yourself, your workers and your business’s intellectual property. In today’s world, you can never be too safe.

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