6 Building Blocks Of Your CTV Ad Strategy

As technologies evolve, our requirements for how, where, and when we consume entertainment content are rising fast. A vivid example is that TV viewers are now seeking 100% control of the ways they access the content, and CTV (connected TV) becomes the environment that empowers them with such control. With a number of exciting TV programs for every entrepreneur and several other niche audiences, there is dozens of enjoyable video content for all demographics to enjoy.

Also, the consumption of CTV content is growing. As of April 2020, the number of OTT-enabled households increased by 5.2M homes compared to April 2019, reaching 69.8M homes in the US alone.

Intelligent marketers striving to see their businesses in blossom should consider this growing trend and focus on migrating from siloed TV to integrated CTV strategies. By leveraging a platform or an ad exchange that provides access to premium CTV publishers and broadcasters, brands can fully embrace the evolution of television viewership.

Benefits CTV Advertising Brings In

CTV advertising equips brands with advanced capabilities encompassing sophisticated targeting, addressability, innovative creative formats, and reach of fragmented audiences. Hence, along with superior targeting that lets advertisers engage with hard-to-reach, light linear TV viewers, CTV also helps allocate TV ad budgets wisely.

Besides, addressability enables brands to build a genuine one-to-one connection with their audience by personalizing ads they show to the different households and actively engaging them through innovative and interactive creatives.

To get the most out of these unique advantages, advertisers need to make sure their CTV campaigns comply with these 5 crucial tactics.

Bring The Best Of Programmatic And CTV

CTV advertising gets increasingly recognized across the industry, which reflects in growing ad investments and revenues across the global market. When properly planned, programmatic ads maximize your digital impact. Ad tech vendors place their bets on CTV/OTT as well, and see it as one of the most growing digital advertising areas for over the next decade. As more CTV/OTT inventory becomes available for programmatic purchase through video ad exchanges, brands will only benefit from this variety and accessibility.

User Experience Must Come First

Viewers have moved far ahead of the ad industry, indicating the ways of how they prefer to consume the content and advertising. To stay on the same page with their audiences, brands need to keep an eye on their ad campaigns and continuously refine them. By leveraging CTV, they can sharpen their targeting, get data-driven insights, and keep ad messages highly personalized and relevant to the context. If you are unexperienced in these areas, there are several advanced targeting tactics to improve your ad performance.

Embrace The Power Of Creatives

CTV grants advertisers a plethora of creative ad choices, from custom overlays, end cards, or branded title cards, to interactive CTV ads enabling viewers to engage directly with a brand. All brands need to do is to bring a well-balanced blend of consumer insights and creativity to engage their audience.

Invest In Brand Recognition

There are several CTV advertising strategies to build brand awareness. Capturing your audience’s attention and getting high viewability rates is essential. But to turn your viewers into customers, you need to elaborate a full-funnel strategy. By extending ad experience through retargeting your CTV ads to the same audiences across the screens and platforms, you can build a strong and consistent brand presence.

Keep Tabs On Trends

Basically, trends can come and go. Force-majors like the pandemic become litmus tests demonstrating how sustainable one or the other trend is. CTV has successfully passed this stress-test, proving itself as a reliable and high-performing ad channel even during these uncertain times. Yet, it’s still essential to monitor shifts within the market landscape, changing consumer habits, and the emergence of the next big things in the industry.

Optimize Your CTV Ventures

Once you have deployed your campaign, it is essential to strategically optimize your CTV ventures. There are several crucial considerations you must keep in mind throughout operation of your campaign. First, you need to always stay in the loop and follow popular ad trends. Constantly come up with savings, deals, and promotions wherever possible. At the same time, you should think programmatic, long-term, and get creative with all your advertisements. Taking these precautions, you can effectively move forward in a more like-minded way.

As the CTV viewing trend is gaining speed moving up and forward, it might be a good time to consider the ways to embrace it. Innovative technologies have forever changed the way we consume television. It seems that the brands that are looking to track down the right audience and explore the alternatives to linear TV ad buying, soon won’t be able to neglect the CTV future for digital advertisers.

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