Top Data Analysis Tools To Bring Predictive Analytics To Small Business


Data analytics can seem like an intimidating venture. Business owners with little to no technical expertise tend to shy away from this valuable tool. They are unaware however, of the accessibility that is offered by various analytical programs. Data analytics is great for businesses. It can visualize selling trends and compare marketing techniques with real-time results. If you would like a guide to some of the best data analysis tools to supplement your ticket software and more, continue onto the list below. Here are the top data analysis tools.

Google Fusion Tables

Google Fusion Tables is an advanced upgrade over Google Spreadsheets. It adds data visualization, mapping and data analysis tools. The program incorporates the Google Maps platform to create incredibly detailed visualizations of data. You can enter data about oil production facilities in the Gulf of Mexico and produce a map with all of your data represented. All you need is latitude and longitude information. The upload is quick, streamlined and reliable. Google Fusion Tables is available to all Google users free of charge. Its mapping capabilities make it one of the top data analysis tools.


KNIME takes a unique approach to data visualization. Like other tools, it offers data analysis, modeling and manipulation. Its programming platform is highly intuitive in that it forgoes traditional data entry. Instead, you drop nodes onto a canvas and drag them between connection points. This style of visual programming is arguably more accessible for inexperienced users. KNIME also runs python, R and text mining. So you can access more advanced code analysis tools, if you prefer. Its distinct programming features and versatility make it a top data analysis tool to help you cut down on paper shredding waste at your office.


RapidMiner offers another excellent data management tool. This open source platform is one of the best predictive analytics tools available. This software is similar to KNIME. It operates via visual programming. It is provides users the opportunity to manipulate, analyze and model data. You can use the open source predictive analytics solution to create predictive models and operational predictive analytics for your small business. If you believe that data science should not require coding skills, RapidMiner offers some of the best data analysis tools for you.


OpenRefine is a data analysis tool that specializes in data cleaning. It prepares data for analysis by using advanced clustering algorithms to clean familiar terms. For example, you may have a messy set of marketing data with misspelled names and terms. In that case, you can use OpenRefine to make all of your data uniform. Then, you can run your analytics tools more effectively. This also makes it easier for computer programs to read your data, whether it is related to service industry performance or consumer behavior. They can create better visualizations. OpenRefine is a top data analysis tool for its convenient cleaning features.


Tableau is one of the most popular business analytics software on the market. It offers a wide set of visualizations that emphasize simplicity and beauty. The software focuses on data structure and allows for clicking and dragging. This makes experimenting a lot easier. There are countless features that let you edit almost every part of an application. This ensures that your projects will be as close to your expectations as possible. Tableau has a free version that delivers the essentials. Unfortunately, it does limit the size of your data sets. Regardless, Tableau is one of the most comprehensive data analysis tools.

Data analysis is important for businesses that want a better picture of their financial data. This can be accomplished through the use of data analysis tools such as Tableau and KNIME. These programs provide visualization sets, data manipulation, modeling and analytics. Programs like OpenRefine offer data cleaning capabilities, as well. Consider using the top data analysis tools in this post for your business analytics needs.

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