The Hottest Denver Office Space Trends For Startups

Denver’s office spaces have changed in the past few years. In the past, corporate companies often made these office spaces with functionality in mind. There has recently been a paradigm shift. Now, startups in Denver are aiming for employee productivity and client satisfaction. The best selling offices now have certain aspects in common. As an aspiring commercial entrepreneur, there are a few things that you should be aware of. Read on to learn about the hottest Denver office space trends for startups.

Homestyle Designs

A new Denver office space trend is the popularity of homestyle designs. In contrast to traditional offices, homestyle designs are meant to evoke a feeling of coziness. This is meant to increase client productivity by making clients feel at home. Offices are increasingly ditching the professional, functional aesthetic. This image change seems to be paying off. Differently designed office spaces fetch a higher price on the market, and are higher in demand. Companies in Denver seem to be willing to pay premium prices for comfortable working offices. Tap into the homestyle office design trend to create a profitable Denver office space.

Unique Environments

Unique environments are a Denver office space trend that is rapidly gaining popularity. This trend is due to the increase in Silicon Valley companies relocating to Denver. Silicon Valley companies place high value in interesting and unconventional design choices. Ever since Google unveiled their office interior, designers have jumped to copy their image. High profile companies are therefore willing to pay higher prices for unique environments. You can take advantage of this trend to make highly desirable office spaces. The attention from Silicon Valley companies will also give your office more visibility on the market. Unique environments are a highly marketable Denver office space trend.

Outdoor Spacing

Outdoor spacing is an extremely desirable Denver office space trend. 75% of the newest properties offer an outdoor area of some sort. These out door spaces include rooftop deck, patios, and open air courtyards. These designs take advantage of Denver’s beautiful natural landscape and can lower your business energy usage. Companies are fighting to lease and purchase these spaces. Properties with outdoor areas have an increasingly high asking price. These values have continued to rise since 2016. When designing or investing in an office, you should consider the Denver office space trend of outdoor spacing.

Natural Daylight

A Denver office space trend that correlates to outdoor spacing is increased natural daylight. Traditionally, designers have favored functionality over appearance. However, the market is shifting to a preference for more natural daylight. Customers are now asking for features such as floor to ceiling windows and panoramic views. They want to take in Colorado’s splendor, even while at work. This trend comes from an increased desire for wellbeing and emotional satisfaction. Office spaces with better natural daylight are a valued benefit, in some cases even valued above space and price. When designing an office space, use natural daylight preference trends to maximize your profit.

Near Amenities

Another profitable trend for Denver office spaces is being near amenities. Demand is high for buildings that are walking distance to dining, housing, and recreational activities. As a result, the Northwest Denver market has seen an increase in leasing and development activity. Other markets that aren’t near amenities have seen a corresponding downtrend. This is a trend that can benefit you as well. Now more than ever, it is important to pick your office location like a smart business. Proper placement will increase the value of your office space and attract attention. Use this Denver office space trend to raise desirability by building near amenities.

There are many Denver office space trends that you should keep in mind as an entrepreneur. Draw in Silicon Valley businesses with homestyle designs and unique environments. Increase customer satisfaction with outdoor spacing, natural daylight, and closeness to amenities. By using these trends, you can create a profitable Denver office space.

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