What Are The Different Investment Options For An IRA?

There are numerous different investment options for an IRA. Recently, The Secure Act was signed into law, removing the once enforced 70.5 age restriction of contributing to an IRA. Now, working individuals of any age can add to a traditional IRA, even if they’re 90. As an investor, consider your risk and time horizon before investing your IRA dollars. Typically, times of low prices and market pullbacks are the best for long-term growth potential. Read on for the different investment options for your IRA.

Certificate Of Deposit

A popular investment option for an IRA are certificates of deposit (CDs). CDs are among the safest types of investments. CDs are a deposit account that pays a higher interest than a standard account. This is in exchange for restricting your fund access anywhere between 3 months and five years. CDs are protected by the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation (FDIC). They can be protected up to $250,000 if your financial institute is a member firm. Research the best CDs to invest in for a higher return. This is a great investment for those who won’t need to access their cash immediately. If you choose a CD with a longer term, you could receive higher rates. Certainly, CDs can be an investment option for your IRA.

Real Estate

Another investment option for an IRA is real estate. Use a self-directed IRA to invest in all real estate types and estate-related assets. You can invest in rental properties, undeveloped land, and offshore investments. With a real estate invested self-directed traditional IRA, your earnings are tax-deferred. Meanwhile, with a self-directed Roth IRA, your earnings are tax-free. More so, self-directed IRA protects your savings against debt collectors. Therefore, you can leave your savings to your children and future generations. Of course invest in real estate if you know a lot about the network. Rare and overlooked, real estate is an original investment option for an IRA.


Certainly, cryptocurrency is becoming a popular investment option for an IRA. With cryptocurrency, you can trade goods and services globally without government regulation. Crypto transactions are done through self-regulating platforms that are publicly visible. This ensures stability, eliminates double spending and creates longevity. Digital currency can be bought/used by any person, business or country. Of course, you should invest in crypto with a self-directed IRA. Your earned profits from cypto are paid straight to the IRA. In fact, earnings are paid without taxable liability besides the taxes that apply when you retire. Cryptocurrency is another investment option for an IRA as it is becoming more popular and usable.

Mutual Funds

Surely, you could also invest in mutual funds as an option for an IRA. You can invest in funds such as bonds, stocks and cash equivalents. More so, all mutual fund investments can be managed by a professional fund manager for a fee. Therefore, as the market fluctuates, they can buy or sell investment opportunities. Work with your manager and agree on an investment style. These styles could be moderately aggressive or capital appreciation fund. Certainly, all investments vary in risk, returns and interest. This is a great investment if you have the money to pay a manager or have the time to manage your investments on your own. Consider investing in mutual funds as an option for an IRA.

Precious Metals

Finally, another investment option for an IRA is precious metals. Precious metals are considered an alternative investment as it can be held in a self-directed account.  Use a dealer or platform to choose a preferred retirement account-eligible metal. Metals must be approved by NYMEX/COMEX, BMA, LME, CBOT/NYSE/LIFFE, ISO-9000 or a national mint.  After buying your metals, they will be held in a secured depository.  Definitely consider precious metal investing options for an IRA.

There are several different investment options for an IRA. You could invest in CDs for a higher interest rate than regular savings accounts and they are protected by the FDIC. Consider investing in real estate as earnings could be tax-free or tax-deferred and there are many estate types to focus on. Invest in cryptocurrency as it is becoming a global phenomenon and can be traded without government regulation. Think about investing in mutual funds for an IRA as you can buy/sell as the market changes and you can pay for professional support. Finally, consider investing in precious metals as you can hold your opportunity in an approved depository. These are a few of the different investment options for an IRA.

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