How To Use Digital Project Planners To Stay Organized

Project planners assist project managers with completing tasks in a timely manner. Every project manager, like yourself, struggles with organizing their project plans. Many deal with constant shifts and issues during the execution process of projects. Such shifts and issues can be difficult to keep up with. That is where online project planners provide support. Read on to learn how to use digital project planners to stay organized.

Organize Based On Effort

At first glance, project planners seem overwhelming and almost impossible to use for organizing our personal assignments. With a way to organize in mind, it is actually very simple. Base your project planning on effort for a less stressful work day. Create separate folders for quick tasks, medium effort tasks, and more time-consuming tasks. In doing so, you will set yourself up for a more productive day. When you finish a scheduled high effort project early, you can use the time to check a quick task off of your list. If you have the tasks organized accordingly, you will not even waste time trying to find a quick task to complete. In this way, digital project planners simplify and expedite your everyday duties.

Use Mind Maps

You can also use digital project planners to accelerate your project management skills through mind maps. These productivity tools offer mind maps so you can easily identify which project factors correlate. Use mind maps to break down the big picture. For instance, take your strategy and create a web of components that make it up. Then, you and your team members can refresh themselves on core principles at any time. It also allows you to manage projects in a clear and concise manner. By organizing with project planners, you can create beneficial mind maps for entire teams to use.

Categorize By Team

Additionally, project managers who oversea numerous teams can improve organization by categorizing by team. Rather than trying to cram all points into one general structure, you can simply create separate plans for different teams. Then, you will not suffer from forgetting important details specific to each team. Most digital project planners offer the option to continually add categories to each team’s plan as well. Thus, you can stay up-to-date with your team members and encourage them to break down their execution the way you broke down the process. All team members can get organized with categorized team plans.


Additionally, the key to getting any project manager organized is to de-clutter. You no longer have to spend countless hours removing the clutter on your computer one by one. Instead, your online project planner can do it for you in bulk. Look for a project planning solution that allows you to perform common operations. With this feature, you can simply select all of the files that are no longer relevant and delete them all at once. You can also easily organize your files with this feature. Simply move projects in bulk to their appropriate files. De-clutter features make business organization easy.

Add Notes To Tasks

Plus, digital project planners supply easy-to-add notes. This feature is especially useful during team meetings. Typically, project managers take notes during team meetings as well as provide team members with notes. In the past, taking notes ahead of time took a lot of time and often resulted in unorganized papers. Now, you can use digital project planners to jot down notes for each person. You can directly write comments to each person on their assigned tasks during or prior to meetings. If you need to refresh yourself on the feedback you gave a team member, all you have to do is look at that team member’s assignment. You waste little-to-no time looking for your notes. Use online project planners’ notes tool to enhance organization and productivity.

As a project manager struggling to stay organized, you need digital project planners. They allow you to organize your personal tasks through creating categories based on effort. Online planners also offer mind maps for breaking down tasks and ideas. You can organize assignments and plans based on cloud project management software easily. The best planners come with tools that assist in de-cluttering through bulk actions. You can keep your notes organized using project planners as well. Now, you know how to use online project planners to stay organized.

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