Emerging Drone Market Trends Identify Opportunities For Entrepreneurs

Drone technology is rapidly developing. This provides entrepreneurs a ton of opportunities to break into the market. But, this also makes it difficult to keep up with ever-changing drone market trends. Thankfully, there are posts like these that make it easier to keep up with the latest tech developments. Find out the emerging drone market trends in 2018 and beyond below. This way, you can start a drone manufacturing business that produces cutting edge tech products everyone clamors for.

Drone Sales

Experts predict that drone sales will surpass $12 billion in the year 2021. This presents a vast amount of opportunities for entrepreneurs to capitalize on as soon as possible.  This sales growth is predicted to be most prevalent in three areas of drone production. These areas include consumer drones, government drones and enterprise drones. If you want to capitalize on the expected growth of the drone market, now is the time to get started on your business plan definition.

Mining & Agriculture

Drone technology offers huge opportunities for the mining and agriculture industries in the coming years. This is not only true of drones themselves, but also drone data. Combined, the two could benefit exploration, planning and permitting, operations and reclamation processes involved in mining and aggregate production. Drones could help monitor stockpiles, map exploration targets, track equipment and much more. This is certainly something for drone enthusiast entrepreneurs to consider.

Power Sources

Flight time is one of the biggest challenges for drone manufacturers. But in the coming years, some of the best drones are experimenting with alternative drone energy sources. Currently, drones utilize Lithium-Polymer and Lithium-Ion batteries. But soon, hydrogen fuel cells, petrol, kerosene, LPG propane, ethanol, gas-electric hybrids, solar power or solar hybrids may prove to be the most efficient drone power source for all types of applications. If you want to break into the drone market, start experimenting with alternative drone power sources as soon as you can.

Photography Drones

Demand for photography drones is expected to grow considerably over the coming years. This is due to a rising demand for aerial images and video in a number of different industries, including real estate, media and entertainment and others. These types of drones could also have potential applications in marketing campaigns across the business sector and even in the transport business. Clearly, this is something you want to think about if you want to start manufacturing drones.

Civil Government

The United States federal government has made use of military drones as risk-mitigation tools for a number of years now. Now, civil governments are also starting to consider drones for other, non-military, risk mitigation tasks. These drone uses could be particularly helpful in police and fire departments across the country. In fact, experts predict that civil governments will account for roughly $13 billion worth of drone sales between now and 2020. This presents a wide array of opportunities within the drone market for entrepreneurs like yourself to capitalize on.

If you are an entrepreneur with an interest in all things technology, creating drones could be an excellent business idea for you to try out. The drone market is thriving and shows only signs of increased growth and performance. This presents a vast array of business opportunities for you to consider. That is why researching these key drone market trends is so important. It gives you an excellent starting point to define the direction you want to take your future drone business in. Consider the top drone market trends mentioned above when starting your own business. You will be glad you did when you can start looking for serviced offices for startups just a few months after incorporating your new business.

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