5 Steps To Make An Easy Organizational Chart For Restaurant Success

Easy organizational charts allow employees to understand their roles, responsibilities and relationships with their co-workers. As a restaurant owner, your organizational chart can either make or break your company. You need to develop a chart that enables your workers to run your food business smoothly. In order to do so, you need to learn how to visually convey your ideal internal structure for your restaurant. Read this post to learn how to make an easy organizational chart for restaurant success.

List Your Employees And Their Roles

To begin creating an easy organizational chart for restaurant, list your employees and their roles. If you are a restaurateur who has yet to hold a grand opening for your restaurant, you likely do not have many employees. Therefore, this initial step will not be time-consuming for you. Simply state the workers you have hired and describe their responsibilities below their titles. Do the same if you already have an established restaurant. The only difference here would be the time it takes you to complete this step due to your larger amount of employees. However, keep in mind that it is crucial to write down every single employee and their role. Restaurant owners who rush through this first step have trouble completing the steps to follow. Your easy organizational chart for restaurant will revolve around the employees you currently have.

Determine Which Roles You Need To Fill

After you list your employees and their responsibilities, determine which roles you still need to fill. Look closely at the tasks your workers are responsible for. Then, look at your responsibilities. If yours outweigh all of your employees’, you need to hire for new positions. At the same time, you should not be excluding any roles completely. If you nor your employees market your restaurant, you need to hire a marketing manager. The same goes for trainers, HR managers and sales managers. You need to designate an employee to fill a resources leader position. You might need to hire a supply chain professional as well. Profitable restaurants also have dining room, kitchen and bar leaders. They, too, keep restaurants organized and running smoothly. Keep these lesser known yet highly important positions in mind when determining which roles you need to fill to complete your easy organizational chart.

Choose The Type Of Chart You Need

Moreover, you need to choose the type of organizational chart you need. The three most popular types include hierarchical, functional by department and cross-functional. Startup restaurants typically need hierarchical charts because they have less employees and plan to hire less new workers than growing restaurants. If you are working on growing your restaurant by adding different departments into your chart, you need to use the functional by department structure. When restaurant owners want to open multiple locations around the world, they need the cross-functional format to properly address the different locations. Use your short-term goals to decide on the type of easy organizational chart that will advance you in the right direction.

Make It Clear For Employees To Understand

Another crucial step to take to create an easy organizational chart for restaurant is to make it as clear as possible. After all, your employees need to be able to understand it without struggling. If you achieve an easy-to-understand chart, you can improve business communication. When you hire new workers, you should be able to show them your chart so that they understand where they stand in the business. They can, then, refer to the chart when they come across an issue. If they are a lead bartender, they can see in the chart that the next level up is the bar manager. As a result, they will recognize that they can speak with the bar manager for assistance when they have an issue. Your easy organizational chart needs to be clear and concise so that employees can learn to take action in this way.

Put Your Chart Up Online For Easy Access

In addition to the above steps to make an easy organizational chart for your restaurant, put your chart up online for easy access. As previously stated, employees will use your chart to understand who to turn to when they need assistance. While it is beneficial to hang your chart up at your restaurant for employees to use, they might need it outside of the restaurant as well. For instance, if an employee needs to call out sick and the person that they usually report to is on vacation, they need to know who else to call. More so, they need to figure out who to call without showing up at the restaurant. If you put your chart up online, your employees will never struggle to communicate effectively with one another. If you want your operations to run as smoothly as possible, put your easy organizational chart up online for convenience.

The best restaurants use easy organizational charts. To create one properly, start off by listing your current employees and the tasks they are responsible for. Then, determine which positions you still need to fill soon. Use this information to decide on a chart type that will drive you toward your short-term goals. When writing out your chart, ensure that you are making it as clear as possible for your employees. Lastly, post your chart online so that your teams can communicate better with one another when they are not at work. If you want to add to the convenience that this step offers workers, purchase texting software for business communications as well. Take these steps to make an easy organizational chart for restaurant success.

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