Eco-Friendly Promotional Products For Healthcare Businesses

Looking for the perfect way to increase the visibility of your health care business? Clinics, doctors’ offices, labs, pharma reps all benefit from giving out products customized with their logos. Today’s options go well beyond just pens and mugs. Having environmentally friendly products can make all the difference in the eyes of the consumer. By switching a few key products, you can boost your credentials as an ecological-based thinking business and set yourself apart. Representatives from GoPromotional say that demand for Eco-Friendly products has spiked in all industries, boosting sales of such products exponentially. The ability to customize these products will ensure your business is always associated with these principles. Mindfulness of your environmental impact will display your loyalty to environmental conservation and develop respect and trust in the minds of patients and business associates alike.

LED Lighting

Any facility can bring in LED lighting to their workplace. Not only can this technology help to decrease energy bills but this type of office lighting can improve business performance. Plus, it is more environmentally friendly and efficient when it is compared to its counterparts like an incandescent light bulb. This is due to the fact that the manufacturing process causes less damage to the environment. Additionally, LEDs only convert a small percentage of energy as heat. Overall, LED lighting reduces harmful gases that are released into the environment and is an efficient lighting source.

Face Masks

When in a healthcare setting, a face mask is the first line against spreading disease and pathogens amongst those within the facility. The problem with this is that single use face masks can quickly pile up in local landfills, creating a huge carbon footprint in the environment. By resorting to face masks made from deadstock fabrics like hemp, Organic Cotton, and Recycled Polyester, worldwide healthcare institutions can readily alter their environmental impact by resorting to reusable face masks. Most brands will even implement a buy one give one policy, giving back to the community or frontline healthcare workers during this pandemic that is being fought. There can be nationwide shortages when it comes to this form of PPE, so resorting to reusable face masks can be an easily solution that benefits everyone short and long term.

Hand Sanitizer

By resorting to environmentally friendly hand sanitizers, the human body is protected from exposure to harsh chemicals found in most sanitizing solutions that major companies offer. So many companies will promote the use of some chemicals that have names most people cannot even pronounce. When someone makes the switch over to eco-friendly hand sanitizing agents, they are doing their bodies a favor by not allowing themselves to be exposed to such nasty concoctions. Natural hand cleansing methods are just as effective as chemical agents and can also promote in moisturizing and hydrating the body with each use. Most environmentally friendly hand sanitizers contain at least seventy percent alcohol which is what the CDC recommends for killing as many germs as possible.

Tissues And Wet Wipes

Paper waste in your office your office environment is one of the largest contributors to the planet’s pollution levels. It fills landfills by the metric ton and increases the amount of harmful greenhouse gasses that go into the environment every single year. Healthcare companies can make the switch to using biodegradable paper tissues and wet wipes to contribute to the fight against the exponentially increasing levels of harmful toxic air into the environment from landfills and overall pollution. When making this switch most eco-friendly tissues contain environmentally friendly resources without any toxic materials. These products are always chlorine-free and chemical-free. Their versatility makes them easily accessible in all healthcare settings.

Antibacterial Products

Triclosan is the most common active ingredient found in over 75 percent of liquid antibacterial soaps today. This agent that was traditionally used in hospital settings has now been adopted by manufacturers of soap makers since the 1990s, which has ballooned into a huge industry. The side effect of this is that there were no set guidelines or published reports on how it effects the human body. Due to this, it is encouraged that healthcare companies make the change to environmentally friendly cleaning products. Many do not realize that there are so many natural products out there that can compete with traditional antibacterial products, and even beat them out of their own business due to the reduced effect it has on its users and their immediate environment.

Lunch Tote

In all healthcare settings alike, most workers need to bring their lunch. The problem with this is that these bags contain harmful chemicals which are created in mass quantities and can largely add to the effects of global warming we experience every single day. There are huge alternatives when it comes to the daily lunch tote a healthcare worker can bring to their workplace every single day. It is common to find 100 percent biodegradable, waterproof lunch totes that are locally made and sourced from non-harmful ingredients. These materials have zero toxic materials and plastic products. It also so easy to clean and can be stain and water resistant.

Retractable Badge Holder

A final step healthcare companies can do to reduce their carbon footprint is make the change to convert to a more earth conscious alternative to the standard vinyl or PVC holder for name badges and their retractable holders. Over the years, different methods for manufacturing plastic products have evolved. Now, there is a biodegradable quality PVC plastic card that work just like the standard counterpart, except it contains biodegradable properties to largely decrease how long it hangs around on our planet.

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