6 Simple Ecommerce Marketing Tips To Increase Revenues

The ecommerce business has continued to grow and develop. From standalone shops to dropshipping ecommerce businesses, there are plenty of ways to make money online. As someone just getting start with selling online, starting a website and publishing products are just the first steps. Once you have an ecommerce store up and running, you will have to drive traffic to the site to generate sales. Of course, ecommerce marketing strategies are essential to driving more sales and conversions on the website.

Sales indicator is one of the most important ingredients of any ecommerce business success. Financial prosperity of the company is in direct dependence with this index. There is no surprise that all shops are thinking of their ecommerce marketing and advertising strategies to increase number of clients and as well as goods selling. To reach these goals sellers offer unique goods of high quality, online shop itself is constantly developed and evaluated. However, a convenient online store, excellent products and perfect services do not mean that you will have good results, high sales are also not obligatory in this case.

Increase Sum Of Orders

The practice of upselling is beneficial for both parties. When customers are checking out, show them related products to increase the overall sum of the order. There is some amount of people who need only the mobile phone and nothing else, while a great part of visitors will be glad that you can offer related products. They might have not been thinking about them or failed to find them on the website. In both cases you will save your clients’ time and be more appreciated for convenience.

Write Precise Descriptions

Clients want to know what this or that product can do, which problems it can resolve. No vague or indefinite phrases. Include you product specifications, measurements and features. Additionally, you can post images with written descriptions or full videos to demonstrate the product. Besides, no matter how good your description is, questions can occur on any product. Encourage clients to discuss them by phrases like “Call us to answer your questions”. You will have more calls, that means more sales as a result. Then, post answers to all the common questions in your ecommerce product description. It will show your customers that you care about them and lead an improved ecommerce conversion optimization rate.

Option To Call From Website

Comfort often lies in simple things. Don’t make people get interrupted from their usual online routine. Almost everyone nowadays has earphones to call using the computer. Thus, your client gets professional advice and continues chatting with friends or looking through work inbox. You can expand your ecommerce marketing efforts by having stellar phone service and support. Customers will be much more inclined to do business with you after picking up the phone and having a positive experience.

Be Careful With “Buy” Button Position

Have a clearly identifiable call to action button on your marketing and product pages. Wrong position of this button may affect your business a lot. Don’t locate it at the bottom of the page as not all clients will read the page till the end. It is not customer’s task to search this button. Otherwise, you can be occasionally considered as online-catalogue instead of a shop. Check that this marketing element is vivid and located at the most noticeable place. The proper position and styling can dramatically increase your ecommerce marketing ROI.

Get More Traffic

Obviously, the more visitors you have, the better for your business as you will have more sales. There are numerous ideas for implementation like:

  • Create your group on social networks and make posts there, interact with clients, participate in discussions in other groups;
  • Join related forums and answer users’ questions on behalf of your brand;
  • Offer blogger to make a review about your products;
  • Work on SEO of your website to get higher ranking from search systems and better positions on search results.

These are some of the best ecommerce marketing tips to drive traffic to your website. However, you should focus on highly targeted traffic that would be interested in your products. An omnichannel marketing strategy can prove to be highly effective for ecommerce websites. When you drive targeted traffic to your website through social media, online groups, forums and SEO, the sales will undoubtedly increase.

Analyze When People Leave Your Website

Analyzing your ecommerce marketing content can capture many lost sales. If you have one or more pages with a big number of clients leaving it – the most probable case is that they can’t find information they need and, thus, quit. As a result, you lose a potential client. In case you can’t find what the problem is about, send a link to you relatives or friends, they may have a fresh eye and tell what is wrong here. With the proper use of analytics, you can recover many sales on your ecommerce website.

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