Education Or Work: What To Choose?

By the end of school, all the graduates-to-be start looking for possibilities for their future. While the majority of parents will insist on going to a college or university, some kids insist that they should start their careers. After all, there are so many successful people among those who have hardly graduated from high school. So, which way to choose? Let’s think about this matter.

Financial Possibilities

In most cases, the choice to continue education or not depends on the level of the financial situation of the family. Unfortunately, it happens that parents cannot simply afford the education of their children. Even credit programs cannot help them. In these cases, the decision is made in favor of finding a job.

Unfortunately, the prospects of getting a well-paid position are not high. For this reason, a lot of graduates work for a year or two to collect some money, while parents are improving their credit scores to be approved for a student loan. Then during studies, a student is forced to continue working to cover some expenses.

Education & Job: Can They Be Combined?

For a student who is forced to work during studies, it is complicated to successfully handle these two roles. How to successfully combine education and work? Here are some tips from the former students who have been in the same shoes.

“I have used a calendar to keep track of all the deadlines and tasks, as well as work shifts,” says Bryan. To handle the roles of an employer and student, you need to see all the tasks and duties for the whole week or even month. In this way, you won’t forget anything and will know how to properly prioritize the tasks.

“I found a great writing service that has helped me with the most complicated disciplines,” this is what Joanna has remembered about the college times. This is an effective time management approach. You need to prioritize your tasks. Then look for a professional write my paper for me service you will trust with the most complicated tasks. Indeed, not all disciplines are so important, therefore, these assignments can be ordered without any scruples of conscience.

“Once, I have told my teacher that I have to work late shifts because I help parents to pay for education. And this teacher has helped me a lot,” says Cathy. Sometimes, students forget that strict and demanding professors and teachers are people who can be understanding and compassionate. So, if you experience difficulties with a certain discipline, think about the possibility to honestly discuss everything with your teacher. Probably, you will be able to find a solution that will be suitable for both of you.

Maybe No Studies At All?

There are plenty of people around who have not graduated from colleges or universities, but they are successful. The thought not to study at all appears. Well, some of these people are successful due to their innate talents, while others have just turned out to be in the right place at the right time. With a strong career-orientated skillset, you may not have to earn a business degree. So, if you have got a project you are optimistic about, why not try it? A part-time job can help in the initial stage of project development until you manage to earn money on it.

However, if you are intending to work in a bar for some time before you find your niche, let’s be honest, this is not the best plan. Not everyone is born to be Steve Jobs, unfortunately. That is why if you have no project or a business idea, start thinking about a college.

All in all, with all the requirements of the modern world, it is harder for young people to find themselves. That is why the final years of high school are the most responsible. This is the time when teenagers need to grow up and make tough career decisions. Best of all, when these solutions are made together with parents. After all, they are people who care about you most of all and who are ready to invest their time and money in your future, no matter what. Decide wisely, and we hope you will be successful in your future life.

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