5 Effective Forms Of Marketing To Reach New Audiences

Profitable marketing teams pay close attention to the latest advertising trends. While they do assist businesses in growing, they do not always enable brands to stand out in competitive markets where other companies are using the same tactics. In these instances, teams waste their time identifying direct vs indirect competition. In contrast, when marketers like yourself learn unique forms of marketing to implement, they reach their goals. This is especially true for marketing professionals targeting different types of consumers who recently moved to new locations. The competition is high, but so are the opportunities. Read on to learn the top unique forms of marketing to reach new audiences in unfamiliar locations.

Geotargeting Advertising

Firstly, geotargeting advertising allows marketing professionals to reach prospective home buyers. When homeowners are looking to move into a new area, they typically visit that area frequently. They want to make sure that the town that they are looking in is where they want to live. Geotargeting advertising involves pinpointing consumers on a map and then using their location to notify them of sales. In the real estate industry, this unique form of marketing works wonders. Marketing professionals assist realtors in landing more deals with this strategy.

Direct Mail

Another successful form of marketing entails reaching people who recently moved to new homes through direct mail. Direct mail marketing offers companies numerous opportunities. You can reach consumers in new areas through postcards or large envelopes that stand out in the rest of their mail. Regardless of which direct mail tactic you use, you will succeed in getting noticed. After all, when people just move into their homes, they usually do not receive much mail. Thus, if you send them mail during their first few weeks of living in their new homes, they will notice your brand. Send them discounts, freebies and other intriguing offers to persuade them to look into your brand. Leave creative marketing materials like personalized welcome packages in their mailboxes. Then, you will achieve your goals with this unique form of marketing.

Drip Marketing

Marketers who use drip marketing successfully reach homeowners who are undergoing bankruptcy. Email marketing in and of itself is a powerful method for reaching new audiences. However, when consumers subscribe to email newsletters, they never receive the very first emails you sent in your newsletter. They begin to receive emails whenever they sign up, keeping them from receiving crucial information regarding financial assistance. Drip marketing ensures that every subscriber receives all of the information you ever sent. This is critical for reaching consumers in need of a bankruptcy attorney because you cannot state all of a bankruptcy lawyer’s expertise and experience in one email. Their potential clients want to get to know them over time. Therefore, drip marketing is a beneficial, unique form of marketing to consider utilizing.

Pull Marketing

Many marketers also have trouble reaching businesses that just moved to the area. Entrepreneurs registering their startups to begin conducting business are not easy audience members to reach and impress at the same time. Companies ranging from restaurants to mortgage brokers try to reach them to no avail. However, one of the best ways to target them is through the unique form of marketing known as “pull marketing”. This strategy entails getting noticed by consumers who are already looking for what you offer. The most popular channels are social media platforms and websites. If you want to take advantage of this unique form of marketing, learn how to optimize both your website and your social media channels.

Philanthropic Marketing

Lastly, marketing professionals struggling to reach out to consumers living in new areas succeed through philanthropic marketing. Philanthropic marketing specifically supports charities and nonprofit organizations. Businesses support these organizations through sponsorships and fundraising. Since business charity attracts consumers, companies who participate in corporate giving use their philanthropic work to build a customer base. They reach out to newly moved-in consumers longing to feel like they are apart of the community they just moved into. This is typically not a difficult task considering how much just-moved-in consumers long to feel like they are part of the community. If you want to reach newly moved in consumers who enjoy volunteer work, use your company’s charitable acts in your advertisements.

In order to stand out from the crowd and succeed in targeting consumers in new areas, you need to implement the top unique forms of marketing. One of the best forms is geotargeting advertising, which is best for targeting consumers before they even move to their new destination. Direct mail marketing is a great strategy to use when trying to reach consumers who are getting settled into their new homes. Drip marketing benefits marketers trying to reach the unique market of homeowners undergoing bankruptcy. Use pull marketing tactics to advertise to new businesses moving into the area. Finally, philanthropic marketing assists marketers in reaching newly moved-in consumers with an interest in giving back to their new communities. Consider using these unique forms of marketing if you want to achieve your goals.

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