6 Simple Ideas For Employee Appreciation Gifts That Are Budget Friendly

Showing employees gratitude and appreciation for all that they do is a necessary part of being a manager. It is sure to improve your goals vs outcomes performance if your employees are appreciated and happy. Employee appreciation gifts are a great way to recognize employee efforts. They can also be pretty costly if you let things get out of hand. Thankfully, there are affordable employee appreciation gifts that are timeless. This way, you can be sure to demonstrate your employee appreciation with an affordable gift that they cherish for years to come.


Handwritten cards are one of the most timeless employee appreciation gifts. It is no coincidence that they are also some of the cheapest employee gifts you can buy too. It is so easy to personalize a thank you card for employees. If you have a reasonably sized team, this is the best way to recognize their efforts and contributions. Write a beautiful, individualized note of thanks for each of your workers. They will recognize the effort you put into those cards. It will make them feel appreciated and recognized and improve their morale without costing you much. That is why this is still one of the best affordable employee appreciation gift ideas you can find. You may even find the gesture reciprocated with Boss’s Day cards.

Gift Cards

Employee appreciation gift cards are a wonderfully affordable idea too. You do not have to give much. A five dollar gift card for a cup of coffee is enough. If you can, you can always gift a more lavish gift card. Regardless, team members will be happy you gave them something practical. They will be quick to use this gift, unlike other popular employee gift ideas. If you want to show employee appreciation with a gift they will actually use, buy everyone a gift card to somewhere useful or enjoyable.


Bring a masseuse into the office for your workers. Your local salon franchise may have a masseuse on staff. This is hands down one of the best ways to win employees over and boost employee morale. That is why it is such an effective way to show your appreciation for employees. It is one of the more lavish employee appreciation gift ideas. But, that is no reason not to consider it for a one time employee appreciation event. If you want to win employees over and show your gratitude for their contributions, one of the best gifts may be to offer free in office massages.

Catered Lunch

Catered office lunches are an affordable employee appreciation gift idea that you can use time and time again. Employee appreciation lunches are a timeless management tradition . There is a reason they have been around so long. Professional lunches are a great way to bond with non executive team employees and show your gratitude all at once. This is a cost-efficient way to boost morale and improve employee collaboration too. If you want to experience those benefits, consider this one of the best employee gift ideas for you to put in practice.

Casual Days

Casual dress days are a free employee appreciation gift that everyone loves. It can tiresome to wear a suit or dress every day of the week. Having dress down days at work is one of the best ways to show your value your employees and appreciate their contributions. Your employees will feel more comfortable and content. That is the whole point of employee gratitude gift ideas. Jeans days or other types of office dress down days are one of the best free employee appreciation gifts that are a timeless business tradition.

Employee Apparel

In addition to letting employees dress down, clothing itself can be a great employee recognition gift. This shows the same level of appreciation while also acknowledging the team member for something specific. Obviously, you should not give out t-shirts that say “You Are Awesome!” to everyone because it won’t mean much. On the other hand, if you are able to give some select shirts, polos or hats to idea employees who align with the company identity, it could provide some meaningful recognition. This is a highly effective way to show appreciation to employees.

If you are a manager, it is absolutely crucial to recognize employee contribution to business success as a whole, especially if you had workers sign a non-competition agreement. Employee appreciation gifts can get a little expensive though. That makes it tough to show your gratitude. Thankfully, there are some timeless and affordable employee gift ideas that will not break the bank. Consider these timeless employee appreciation gifts the next time you want to boost employee morale and show your employees you are thankful for their hard work.

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