How An Employee Handbook For Restaurant Manages Policies

Employee handbooks are used worldwide to get new hires on the same page as their management. Topics typically covered in effective employee handbooks, such as training and staff retention, were cited by restaurant owners as 2019’s biggest challenges. As a human resources professional, you may be searching for solutions to these challenges. Strong communication between management and staff is one possible solution. You can achieve this by using an employee handbook. Read on to discover how an employee handbook for restaurant manages policies.

Mission Statement

An established, well-defined mission statement is one way that an employee handbook can manage policies. It does this by elevating the workplace’s culture to more than just clocking in and making money. This will reduce turnover, as employees who feel included and important are less likely to leave. In addition, your mission statement will help unify and align the management team. Thinking about the restaurant’s mission will help management make thoughtful, impactful business decisions. Surely, a mission statement to get behind is one way an employee handbook will manage policies.

Food Safety/Handling

Handling food safely is another handbook topic that manages policies. Local health laws dictate the cleanliness standard for your restaurant. Therefore, the policies described in the handbook should adhere to the established standard. Everything should be cleaned after use, from tables to utensils to kitchen restaurant appliances. The handbook will keep everyone in agreement on how best to clean. Sanitation will end up taking less time, as the entire staff is on the same page concerning the procedures. In addition, keep food safety in mind when dictating sick day policies, as employees will be handling food. Outlining standards for handling food is another way an employee handbook for restaurants manages policies.

Cash Handling

Dictating the way cash and other monies are handled is an additional way that an employee handbook manages policies. Having policies in place for how employees should handle cash will reduce issues like theft, loss, and carelessness. Implementing tip pooling and reporting policies will also reduce the risk of disputes between staff. In addition, outlining policies for balancing cash registers should keep employees trustworthy and out of legal trouble. Cash handling policies outlined in an employee handbook for restaurant will surely keep legal and monetary risks low.

Conflict Resolution

Outlining policies and methods of resolving conflicts in your handbook will go a long way in ensuring said conflicts have favorable outcomes. There are a myriad of potential conflicts to outline, including servers getting too many or not enough tables, or a guest receiving cold food. Dictating the best course of action for when conflicts like this arise will keep your staff united instead of divided, as they should know how to handle the situation amicably. In addition, describe any violations or infringements to employment, such as theft, intoxication, false documents, or any other violations of the law. You need policies in place to deter staff from breaking these rules. It will also protect you and the restaurant in the event of legal issues with an employee. Conflict resolution and code of conduct policies in an employee handbook for restaurants will absolutely help manage in an ideal way.

Restaurant Systems Guide

Including a guide on how to use many of the restaurant systems in your handbook will manage policies by helping your staff understand the technology they’re working with. Include sections outlining the use of POS system software, Kitchen Display Systems, online ordering apps, and reservations management platforms. Doing so will allow staff members to use their handbook as a reference point during onboarding. In addition, direct staff to outside resources that will also be able to provide support. These can include support phone numbers as well as video tutorials. To ensure your staff is familiar with restaurant technology, include a guide in your restaurant employee handbook.

Employee handbooks are an awesome tool for managing policies, especially in restaurants where smooth operations are dependent on such policies. One way they do this is by including a mission statement that will keep the staff happy and turnover low. A second way they do this is by dictating food handling policies that will keep staff and customers healthy. Third, outlining policies for handling sums of money will protect the restaurant from legal and financial issues. Describing some common conflicts and ways of resolving them can keep your staff on the same page, as well as protect you from disgruntled staff seeking legal action. Finally, including instructions on the use of various technologies found within the restaurant will provide staff with knowledge needed to operate it successfully. When wondering how an employee handbook for restaurant can help manage policies, consider the points above.

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