5 Tips To Reinvigorate Your Employee-Of-The-Month Award

Employees can become complacent if they are not properly motivated. This can have disastrous results on your business. Luckily, motivating your employees can be as easy as reinvigorating your Employee-of-the-Month award. Try these tips to better motivate your employees.

Give Out Physical Awards

Firstly, consider giving a physical representation of the Employee-of-the-Month award. Use this as a workplace benefit to keep your employees happy. After all, it is very common for offices, restaurants, and anyone partaking in the Employee-of-the-Month tradition to neglect this aspect. It is simply not enough to tell someone they are a wonderful employee. You need to really recognize them.

Giving a physical award does that. It gives them something to take home to the family. Their spouses will revel in the quality of the award. And, most importantly, their children will see them as a hero. To any employee, that is worth the effort.

To achieve these results, consider giving your employees crystal awards. They are beautifully crafted and make the receiver feel important. Spouses will see the quality of the craftsmanship and appreciate the award. Children will also see the crystal glass and think it came straight out of a fantasy world. That is a wonderful and fun award. Keep this idea for reinvigorating your employee-of-the-month award in mind.

Offer A Reward

To energize your workforce, add a reward for being Employee-of-the-Month. This can be as little as half a day of paid time off or as grand as a Caribbean cruise. Employees feel appreciated and grateful regardless of the cost of the reward they receive. What really matters is that something can be obtained for being a great employee. If interested, potential rewards fall into three categories: cash, knowledge, and gifts.

Cash rewards are self-explanatory. It is giving your employee a bonus for being Employee-of-the-Month or giving them something of monetary value. When you reward an employee with knowledge, you work with them to progress in their career. Moreover, offer free programming courses or a foreign language class for your Employee-of-the-Month. You might be able to partner with training companies to provide employees with such educational rewards at a low price.

Finally, giving your employee gifts means a type of upgrade for their home or office space. Give them a new coffee-maker or a cool pencil holder. Gifts can improve their life or give them bragging rights in the office.

Throw A Party

It is time to celebrate! Receiving Employee-of-the-Month does not have to be an enjoyable experience just for the employee. Let their coworkers in on the fun and throw a celebratory party in honor of the Employee-of-the-Month. The celebration could be a small affair, like a luncheon held in a conference room. Or, it can be a larger one. Booking a private event at a restaurant or bar is not as outrageous as you may expect. Consider throwing a party for your best employees to show your appreciation for their hard work.

Recognize Your Employee

Additionally, show employees recognition. Like the physical award shown, recognition is of utmost importance. Often times, recognition enables personal development in employees. They feel that they have produced quality work. In turn, their confidence levels rise. Unlike the physical award, recognition should be made available for the public. Show pride in your workforce by publishing information on your Employees-of-the-Month on your company website.

The description should be well written, informative, and complimentary. Do this with your employees. They work hard and you should be proud of them. Plus, posting about their work ethic online can help them in their future business endeavors. Clients are more likely to work with them if they know of their accomplishments. If the employee were to ever depart from your staff, they would have a great piece of evidence to offer as a reference to their prospective employers.

Diversify The Awards

Finally, more people should be recognized for their efforts. Far too often, high performing employees go unrecognized because of steep competition. It can be disheartening for some to be snubbed again and again. To avoid this problem, you should recognize multiple employees.

Separate your Employee-of-the-Month award into multiple awards focused on different tasks and achievements. Award someone for their improvement, someone for their effort, another for their perseverance, and another for their insanely productive week. Everybody deserves to be recognized for their greatness; do not let them feel left out!

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