5 Ways Employers Spy On Employees In The Workplace

Businesses take necessary measures for increasing productivity levels at work. Many business owners use the top employee monitoring strategies to keep track of their employees during work hours. As a business owner yourself, you may be wondering how you can track your workers throughout the day. In doing so, you could even achieve more than just increasing productivity. Some employers even discover that their workers are misusing and/or sharing confidential company data. Whether you want to increase security, boost productivity or both, read this post on the top ways employers spy on employees in the workplace.

Video Surveillance

One of the most common ways that employers spy on workers is through video surveillance. Many employees can spot security cameras used for surveillance around their offices. While these are great for monitoring how often employees leave the premises and how long they take on their breaks, cameras are only permitted in certain areas. You can place video surveillance devices in common areas and entrances to your office. However, you cannot legally place cameras in private spaces such as bathrooms. Keep this in mind when using this strategy to spy on your employees at work.

Tonal Analysis

You can also spy on your employees through tonal analysis. Business owners usually use this tactic to gain insight into workplace problems. However, if you do not have any known problems in the office, you can use it to simply build a better team culture. Tonal analysis offers employers information regarding which team members try to show dominance during work conversations. Often times, the team members trying to prove dominance also cause issues. If you can identify these workers, you can solve office issues quicker. You can also discover which of your workers avoid engaging in certain discussions. If you discover that most of your employees avoid engagement, you can take it upon yourself to plan team-building activities to increase comfort levels. Hence, this is a great way to spy on employees in the workplace.

Social Media Tracking

Moreover, employers spy on employees by tracking their social media usage. Some employees claim that they use social media channels during work to relieve stress. While this could be true for certain workers, many simply browse the platforms to waste time. In such instances, tracking social media usage can boost productivity levels. You can bring other ways of managing stress at work to your team’s attention. Then, you can perform tasks faster and ensure that your team is satisfied. If you fear that your workers are slacking off on channels like Facebook and Instagram throughout the work day, consider spying on your employees via social media.

Computer Monitoring

Another way that employers spy on employees is through computer monitoring. This form of spying is almost as common as using video surveillance cameras is. After all, many business owners are suspicious of their workers browsing the web during work hours. If you fear that some of your employees are looking up tonight’s movie times instead of completing the tasks you assigned, it may be a good idea to start using spy apps to catch a cheater. This strategy is much easier to implement for employers who own the computers that their employees use. Keep this in mind if you want to spy on employees in the workplace.

GPS Tracking

Finally, business owners use GPS tracking to monitor workers. This is one of the more popular methods for employers who manage remote teams. Many door-to-door sales managers and agencies who employ traveling agents use this tool. Depending on your team, you may need different features. The most basic GPS tracking applications allow employers to spot track their workers. More advanced platforms offer business owners tools for reviewing routes and setting up geofencing alerts. If you get an alert that an employee left the office, you can easily track how long they are gone and find out where they went. With this being said, GPS tracking tools allow employers to spy on employees easily.

Some business owners invest in employee spying solutions to increase productivity levels. Others want to keep their sensitive company information safe. Regardless of why you want to monitor employees, you need to know how to do so effectively. A great strategy is to use video surveillance cameras in appropriate spaces throughout the office. You can also use tonal analysis to gain insight into which employees cause problems at work and which ones avoid engaging with their co-workers. Social media tracking tools improve productivity levels in the workplace as well. Similarly, computer monitoring applications enable business owners to discover which employees are browsing the web at work. Furthermore, specific types of businesses particularly advance with GPS tracking tools. Employers spy on employees using these solutions.

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