Critical Endpoint Security Best Practices To Reduce Cyber Threat Risk

Solution demos tour - SecurityAs a business owner or authority figure in a time of cell phones, tablets, laptops and endless abilities to access technology, protecting your business is more difficult and necessary than ever before. To ensure that your business is able to safely store data and the office security of your company you must have a plan. Here are crucial endpoint security best practices for businesses that you should employ.

1.  First, ask around for recommendations. The best way to find a quality business software and data protection program is to find out what your peers are currently using and how they like it. If they feel that the product is securing their facility, it may be something to look into further for your own IT needs.

2.  While choosing a product based on cost should not be your only concern, it is an important one. Always be aware of the bottom line. Do your research and shop around to find endpoint security software. Ensure that there is not something else out there that can do the same thing as product A for a fraction of the cost. Be a savvy shopper and businessperson so that your investment will be worthwhile and affordable.

3.  Use central IT management for your business. When you update technology on-site, you are able to update devices more effectively, while also settling any potential office security breaches much faster and in a more responsive manner. When you have a central plan, you can monitor endpoints and activity much more closely, ban sites and access capabilities that may be considered dangerous or irrelevant in the workplace, and require all devices to accept regular updates.

4.  Allow growth as needed. Sometimes you may initially purchase or integrate technology and devices into your company for one reason, but their use may evolve in the workplace into a role that no longer fits your original implementation plan. For example, maybe tablets may have originally been purchased just for picture taking capabilities and accessing the web. However, your employees may find them more useful for other tasks like writing, downloading documents, creating lists and more. Be open to these changes so that you do not stifle staff development and creativity.

5.  Always provide employees with ample technology education on a regular basis. Be sure to explain to your staff what it means to be safe and responsible on the Internet and while using technology to protect themselves and your company. Review security policies as well as which kinds of information are or are not to be shared via the computer. Keeping your employees well informed and educated can help you to avoid the majority of problems related to data loss and other security issues a business may experience in a proactive manner.

6. Identify all users and business workstations. If your business has not already put a system in place for identifying endpoint users and workstations, you are way behind. This should be standard practice when allowing access to business technologies, digital or otherwise. Make sure to label all endpoints and users who access them. This makes it much easier to recognize when your business data may have been compromised. The more knowledge your business has about its endpoint usage, the more you are able to keep business secure.

Enterprise vs. Consumer

It is important to note that if you are searching for endpoint security software for your business, you are going to have different needs than a consumer shopping for personal security. Make sure to look for endpoint security solutions that are tailored specifically for business purposes. Enterprise endpoint security software will allow you to easily set-up and maintain network-wide usage guidelines. Software tailored to the individual user will not offer these same management features. Remember to narrow down your search before you make the wrong purchase.

Endpoint security practices and products can help you to protect your business and your employees, even those that use the worst passwords. They will also provide you with confidence and peace of mind. While technology provides business with so many benefits, it can also cause many problems. Choosing to integrate these best practices for businesses into your IT plan will help you to reduce security threats or other losses dealing with technology and devices.


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