Estimate Taxes To Save Your Business Money And Avoid Costly Penalties

With the recent tax overhaul in the United States, naturally, business owners are all in a commotion. You would probably have to be a tax code expert to comb through the recent tax bill and understand how it will affect your business. That is not a reality for many business owners, like yourself. However, there are also many tools that can help you estimate taxes for your business and your personal finances. Find out why you should use a tool to estimate taxes for the coming year and beyond below.

Plan Ahead

Tax estimation tools allow you to plan ahead, even if you do not have a smart bank account. Of course it is always better to plan ahead, especially when it comes to your finances. They help you anticipate how much you are going to owe. This way, you can start saving for it now and avoid a scramble later. Or, you may find that you can anticipate a considerable tax return. In that case, do not plan to spend the money before you ever get it. These are only tax estimations, after all. Just know that you will not have to worry about shelling out cash come April 1st. Estimating taxes allows you to plan ahead, which will always be beneficial for your financial health.


When you estimate your quarterly taxes, you can budget better. Budgeting is key for a business’s financial health. It is also key for your own personal financial health too. You can estimate quarterly taxes ahead of time and work backwards to determine how much you will need to save each day, week and month. Then, you can use this information to inform your business budgets. In order to operate a financial sound business, budgeting is a must. Estimating taxes helps you do that.

Eliminate Uncertainty

When you estimate taxes in advance, you eliminate uncertainty. In business, there is always a ton of uncertainty. If you have any opportunity to eliminate uncertainty, you should take advantage of it wherever possible. Estimating taxes, whether they are FICA taxes or other state taxes, is one way to eliminate some of the uncertainty surrounding business income. You can anticipate the taxes you will owe and begin to prepare early. This is better for your mental health as a business owner. Even more importantly, it is also better for your overall business financial health.

Avoid Penalties

When you plan for tax season ahead of time, you can avoid costly penalties. Making tax payments based on a tax liability estimate helps you avoid late payment penalties. It also helps you avoid underpayment penalties and interest. These are potentially costly fees that too few business owners think of. This will help you save money for your business. In the long run, this will help you continue to operate a successful business that stays afloat thanks to financial success.


There are a variety of tools to help you estimate taxes for a number of different situations. This allows you the opportunity to improve financial standing in all areas of business and your personal life alike. There are tax estimators from accounting firms, government institutions and nonprofit organizations that allow you to estimate the impact marriage will have on your tax filings. There are also tax estimators that specialize in estimating taxes for Donald Trump’s new tax plan. In fact, there are even tax advantage calculators that allow you to estimate the impact tax advantages have on your bond earnings. The availability of these tax estimation tools will help you improve financial health for business finances and personal finances alike, which is certainly an advantage to consider.

If you are a business owner, you should be worried about your taxes under the new tax plan. The new tax code may help you business or hurt it. Regardless, you need to be prepared. Otherwise, your business finances could be negatively impacted by penalties and fines. Consider the five reasons you should estimate taxes before they are due for your business mentioned above. If you choose to estimate your taxes in advance, you could experience a number of benefits that you would be wise to take advantage of. Let us know how the tax bill impacts your business in the comments below.

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