6 Cost-Effective Family Heritage Insurance Plans For Your Loved Ones

Family Heritage Life Insurance is a supplemental insurance sales company offering a wide array of services and plans. As a business owner, you can be at an unfortunate loss for income should something happen to you or your loved ones. That is why it is so important to protect yourself from such an occurrence. If you are a business owner looking to protect yourself and your family from life’s unwelcome surprises, keep reading. This post will highlight some of the services and plans offered by Family Heritage Insurance, so you can make the best possible decision for the health and financial well-being of your family without needing online personal finance courses.


Family Heritage Insurance offers accident plans that cover you in case of unexpected bodily injury. The company sends you the money directly, so you will not have to worry about bills or figuring out the USD to INR conversion rates. Instead, you can simply focus on resting and getting back to full health. With this plan, you will be covered in case of dismemberment, hospitalization, physical therapy, surgery, fracture, and much more. Everyone is susceptible to unexpected accidents. That is why this Family Heritage insurance plan is a great idea for everyone.


Family Heritage offers two types of life insurance plans. The first is aimed specifically at adults, particularly those who support a family. The second policy is designed to protect young children. With either plan, you can expect rapid benefits fulfillment, meaning you get the money you need when you need it. In the case that you do not need your policy, its cash value builds. You can choose to use that money for other family expenses, if needed. That is a huge benefit. If you are planning on getting life insurance, consider Family Heritage insurance.


Family Heritage Insurance also offers plans tailored to the unfortunate circumstance of you or a loved one getting diagnosed with cancer. This plan is incredibly comprehensive, covering things like anti-nausea medication, reconstructive breast surgery, radiation and chemotherapy and even family lodgings. Those benefits are just the beginning. Millions of Americans are diagnosed with cancer each year, even more than enter pre-k doors at a school like The Goddard School. The last thing anyone wants to deal with when staring down the face of this dreaded disease is worry regarding finances. Protect yourself with the cancer policy offered by Family Heritage Insurance.

Two Offerings

The cancer insurance offered by Family Heritage is offered in two different plans, which is important to note. There is a premium version of the plan that provides coverage for all of the services mentioned above. However, there is also a lite version of the plan that costs less money, roughly 70% of the premium plan, but only offers coverage for 30% of the full benefits offered by the comprehensive plan. This is not necessarily a good deal, but it is the only one affordable for some. Tread carefully when deciding which cancer insurance plan from Family Heritage is right for you.

Intensive Care

The intensive care policy provided by Family Heritage is second-to-none. The company offers benefits for ICU confinement that double when the cause of hospitalization is auto-related. They also provide coverage for ambulance, both air and ground, and the step-down unit, as well. To prepare for life’s worst surprises, Family Heritage Insurance for intensive care is an excellent solution. Just remember to have all your documents ready when applying – you will need to meet requirements similar to those personal loan document requirements.

Hospital Indemnity

This particular plan offered by Family Heritage is designed to offset the costs of any hospital stay throughout the duration of your policy. Many primary insurance companies do not cover extraneous charges related to hospital stays. Of course, if you are hurt on the job, your employer should have public indemnity insurance to cover hospital bills. If not, that is where Family Heritage insurance for hospital indemnity comes in. With this policy, you will not have to worry about a hospital bill taking years to pay off. You may wish to give this policy some thought.

Heart Attack And Stroke Insurance

Family Heritage also offers heart attack and stroke insurance. This insurance plan helps pay medical bills directly, including hospital-related charges. Additionally, this plan helps manage indirect costs. For example, you receive assistance with living expenses and in-home care. Plus, Family Heritage can help patients with costs associated with traveling for treatment. More so, benefits are paid to subscribers directly. As a result, you can focus on your well-being and health instead of money.

These are just some of the policies offered by Family Heritage Insurance. If you are looking to secure supplemental insurance for yourself or your family, give this company some consideration. Life always seems to have a way of dropping misfortune on us when we are least expecting it. Prepare yourself with one of the plans offered by Family Heritage. Of course, to truly understand the financial aspect of insurance, consider hiring a financial accountant. If you use this company, or any other supplemental insurance company, let us know in the comments below. We would love to hear your experiences.

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