Overlooked Family Trust Features For Cost-Saving Asset Management

Every parent wants to support their family and ensure their child’s financial comfort for as long as possible. Business owners with families are no different. It also does not hurt that there are additional benefits, like avoiding probate, that having a family trust makes possible. While you may be familiar with this type of financial holding, you may not know the reasons why you should consider placing your assets in a trust. Here, we will inform you of the advantages of a family trust that can benefit you, your family and your overall financial health. Keep reading below.

Tax Benefits

The number one reason that people consider opening a family trust is for the tax benefits they allow. While family trusts themselves do not provide tax benefits per se, you can manipulate disbursement of the funds to avoid higher tax rates. This can wind up saving your family, particularly your children, a ton of money when the funds are distributed. This is an excellent advantage that business owners and laypeople alike can appreciate, and unfortunately there is no similar benefit for Roth IRA penalties.

Property Protection

Another one of the many benefits of trusts is the property protection they offer. Family trusts provide protection against relationship property claims, as trust holdings are not qualified as personal property. They also protect your property from poor financial decisions that could be made by fiscally irresponsible children. These are considerable benefits, especially if you have a considerable amount of non-liquid assets.


The privacy and confidentiality afforded by family trusts is another advantage that many private individuals enjoy. Family trusts are confidential in that they are not publicly registered. This means that no one will know you have a family trust established unless you choose to tell them. If you are worried about disgruntled former employees or even distant family members using knowledge of your financial assets against you, a family trust provides an excellent solution.


The flexibility afforded by these types of trusts are another reason that many successful business owners consider them. Family trust deeds allow for simple transfers of asset ownership. They also make it incredibly easy to amend or adjust the family trust whenever you need. If you value flexibility and are unsure of where life will take you, opening a family trust offers a great option for debt free living both now and in the future.

Planning For The Future

One of the most obvious benefits of setting up a trust is the planning it both requires and enables. Family trusts require you to set aside time to think directly about your financial assets and what will become of them when you are no longer around. It also affords the ability to make wise decisions regarding taxation of your assets in the future when various family members are taxed at different rates. If you take advantage of the planning opening a family trust affords, you can save a ton of money.

If you are a successful business owner and proud family man or woman, you should definitely consider looking into placing assets in a family trust. Family trusts offer many advantages that it would be wise to capitalize on, like the tax benefits that are not unlike a pardons. Just remember to conduct a bit more research to make the best decision for your financial health and your family, as each individual has different financial circumstances that may require alternative financial solutions.

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