5 Best Features Online Day Trading Brokers Have To Offer

There are several best features online day trading brokers have to offer. These online brokers offer reliable trading tools to execute large volumes of trades. Typically, these platforms are built for both mobile and desktop users. As a day trader, you should look for a broker with many features that increase profits, wherever you trade. Of course, there are various ways you can buy stocks without a broker. In addition, the features should offer the best trading costs, margin rates and overall quality. Read on to learn about the best features online day trading brokers have to offer.

Flexible Prices

First, having flexible prices is one of the best features day trading brokers offer. You should use a broker that offers convenient pricing plans with base commission for options. These options should meet the industry standard commission rate of $0. In addition, these flexible brokers can offer per-contract fees of as low as $.50. Plus, you’ll get $0 commission for stocks and ETFs on your first 10,000 shares per trade. Additionally, the pricing plan may include customizable options for many technical indicators. Ideally, you can also create your own. Furthermore, you can upgrade to a pro platform for a reasonable price. Here, you can access different tools to visualize your future payoffs. Surely, flexible pricing plans is a feature the best day trading brokers can offer.

Advanced Trading Options

Second, the best online brokers offer advanced day trading features. You can integrate third-party solutions with your trading broker to conduct advanced trades. These integrations can make up for the lack of backtesting and automation in most platforms. In addition, large brokers offer wider access to international exchanges and the best stock trading companies. This way, you can make advanced trades all around the world. Plus, these advanced features let you borrow stocks from other investors if you make a risky trade. More so, the best advanced brokers offer low margin rates for your trades. Furthermore, you can engage in direct coin trading for your advanced cryptocurrency trades. Of course, one of the best features day trading brokers can offer is advanced trading options.

Customizable Platforms

In addition, another feature that day trading brokers include is customizable options. Customize your online platform with built-in stock charting tools. Also, stream trade quotes from intra-day charts in real time. This is a great option if you want to purchase your trades right from the charts on your platform. More so, you can tile your charts across your platform to view multiple stocks at once. You can customize the order of stocks, securities and symbols per your needs. Additionally, use the built-in languages to automate and customize your own trading strategy. The best brokers usually offer over 300 strategies to choose from. Or, use the included technical indicators to customize your own triggers. In short, online day trading platforms include customization features.

Scanner Tools

More so, scanner tools are another profitable feature in day trading broker platforms. Use these tools to find volatile stocks in the market. This way, you can view the range in which different stock prices usually increase or decrease. In addition, these tools include analytical tools that can measure your trades’ key metrics. For example, you can determine the net change of a stock. Here, you can see how a stock’s price has changed from the beginning to end of a period. Plus, analyze whether your stocks are currently at the high or low points of the period. Additionally, these tools can scan for block trades. Therefore, you can track the activity of other traders and large institutions for sizable trades. Certainly, day trading brokers can include scanner tool features to monitor trade data.

Mobile App Compatibility

Furthermore, look for mobile app compatibility features in your day trading broker. Of course, with mobile compatibility, you don’t have to manage computer troubleshooters. Dive into smart trading on the go. You can access top quality trading tools and opportunities right from your phone. The best mobile tools can include advanced charting options, pre/post market trading and international market trading. Plus, you can quickly use your phone to research and analyze market trends. Additionally, the best mobile capable brokers offer Level 2 quotes. You can use this feature to get real-time trading information whether you’re at home, working or out for the day. More so, these mobile apps can offer free NYSE Arcabook data promotions. Set notifications on your mobile device to alert you when these competitive offers become available. Definitely, mobile app compatibility is one of the best features day trading brokers can offer.

Look for these top features online day trading brokers have to offer. These platforms can offer flexible pricing features that align stock prices with industry standards. Second, advanced trading options allow you to integrate third-party solutions for more complex trades around the world. In addition, you can customize most trading platforms to view your data whichever way works best for you. More so, use a broker that includes scanner tools to keep track of volatile stocks and block trades. Furthermore, use a platform that includes mobile compatibilities to trade and monitor the market from anywhere. Get these best features from online day trading broker platforms.

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