What Field Service Dispatch Software Does for Staff Management

Field service dispatch software can give dispatchers a view of their fleet’s performance as well as present data in a clear and actionable way. This data can then be used to improve customer satisfaction, operational efficiency, and to strengthen your bottom line. Field service businesses rely on their fleet of vehicles to deliver on their brand’s promise. The success of this endeavor often relies on meeting or exceeding customer expectations, and robust staff management increases the chances of this. As the owner or manager of a field service business, you may be searching for field service dispatch software solutions that will allow you to manage your staff better. Read on to discover what field service dispatch software does for staff management.

Live GPS Tracking

Live GPS tracking displays one method field service dispatch software uses to help you manage your staff better. Modern field service software solutions equip fleets with real-time Global Positioning System (GPS) links. These will pinpoint fleet vehicles on a map, allowing the quick location and determination of which employees are closest to a job site. Some fleet service solutions can provide you with vehicle diagnostics as well as more accurate vehicle tracking, down to the foot. In addition, real-time vehicle tracking will allow your business to provide more accurate arrival estimates to customers. This presents one impressive way to differentiate your fleet from competitors. Surely, real-time GPS tracking software represents one way field service dispatchers an help manage your staff.

Smart Scheduling

Providing smart scheduling solutions shows an additional way field service software helps with staff management. Unforeseen events and accidents can occur without warning, especially in the mobile field service industry. Customers may cancel, field technicians may call in sick, or there may be a traffic jam on the way to a job. Sudden changes like this can be dealt with using smart scheduling features. They will allow you to change schedules according to technicians’ availability in real-time. It will also send notifications to affected workers, and automatically sort them according to expertise, availability, and proximity to assigned job. Certainly, smart scheduling features display a second way field service software helps with staff management.

Scheduling Cost Reduction

Reducing the cost of scheduling appointments with customers represents another way field service software performs staff management services. The act of scheduling calls presents one of the biggest costs for field service businesses. Manual systems need to leave large windows of time for appointments. Additionally, they must allow enough travel time between scheduled jobs. Implementing a field service dispatch appointment app will allow appointments to be scheduled more densely. In addition, they will reduce travel times due to more intelligent routing. Definitely, reducing scheduling costs displays another way field service solutions can help manage staff.

Vehicle Maintenance Tracking

Tracking routing and vehicle maintenance needs shows an additional method used by field service dispatch software to help manage staff. Vehicle maintenance, repair, and route optimization represent some of the biggest challenges faced by the field service industry. Fortunately, there are many field service software solutions that can alleviate these headaches. They can do this by tracking regular vehicle maintenance needs such as oil changes and tire rotations. Planning maintenance like this in advance allows you to cover the vehicle’s temporary absence in your schedule. Additionally, regularly-serviced vehicles are less likely to need unexpected major repairs. This will allow you to better manage your staff members by automating the tracking of vehicle maintenance. Indubitably, tracking vehicle maintenance needs presents another way field service software can help manage staff.

Streamlining Work Orders

Streamlining the creation and completion of work orders displays a final way field service dispatch software helps to manage staff members. Field service software solutions automates how work orders are created, assigned, and paid. This removes the need for humans to process work orders, creating more time. Additionally, the risk of human error is greatly mitigated. Therefore, your business can complete service and generate revenue at a faster rate. Field service software solutions will create work orders from customer service requests, and assign them to an appropriate technician. Upon the completion of the work, the work order is then transferred to invoicing. Streamlining work orders in this fashion allows your staff to focus more on providing the best customer service they can. Of course, streamlining work orders represents a final way field service dispatch software helps to manage staff.

Field service dispatch software solutions can help to manage staff members in a myriad of ways. Real-time GPS tracking presents one such way, allowing you to monitor your staff every step of the way. Smart scheduling solutions represent a second method, allowing you to account for unexpected delays in service quickly. Reducing the costs of scheduling shows an additional way, saving you time and money. Tracking vehicles’ maintenance needs displays another method, also saving time and money while allowing for ample coverage of gaps in service. Finally, the streamlining of work orders will free up your staff to focus on other aspects of your business, such as customer service. When wondering how field service dispatch software can help manage staff, consider the points above.

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