5 Best Financial Degrees To Get For Your Career

When students receive the top financial degrees, they expand their career path possibilities. As a prospective financial professional, you can achieve your career goals by choosing the right degree to obtain. You can go into corporate finance, investment banking or asset management. Many finance students enter the real estate industry as well. Your opportunities grow depending on the degree you choose to pursue. If you want to guarantee a bright future for yourself, read on and learn the best financial degrees to get for your career.

Bachelor’s Degree In Finance

Firstly, consider obtaining a bachelor’s degree in finance. While this financial degree is the most basic, it offers plenty of career opportunities. More so, it only takes 4 years to receive. By majoring in finance, you will learn about commercial banking, financial planning and insurance. Many colleges and universities also have courses on real estate and money managing. Schools provide students with this variety of classes over 4 years by sticking to the basics of each topic. If you wish to learn more about one topic in particular, choose a concentration. The most popular concentrations include Financial Accounting, Investments, and Risk Management. Consider getting a bachelor’s degree in finance for a fast journey to starting your career.

Master’s In Finance

Prospective financial professionals who get their Master’s degrees increase their expertise. In doing so, they boost their value in the eyes of employers. After all, students expand upon what they learned during their first 4 years of schooling. To obtain your Master’s, get your bachelor’s degree and then continue on for an additional 1-2 years. Many students fail to realize that they have two options for getting a Master’s in finance degree. You can either earn your MBA in finance or get a traditional Master’s in finance degree. If you choose to obtain your MBA, you will focus on business in a general sense and spend two more years in school. In contrast, those who go for their traditional Master’s in finance degree only have to attend school for one extra year. You will gain more of knowledge on micro lending and other financial elements. Keep these options in mind when deciding between these best financial degrees.

Bachelor’s In Accounting

Another great financial degree to get for your career is your Bachelor’s in accounting. With this degree, you set yourself up to succeed as an accountant. If your primary career goals is to become a certified public accountant (CPA), you need this degree to qualify. Spend 4 years attending an accredited university to receive your diploma. Contrary to popular belief, students have numerous options when majoring in accounting. Consider specializing in highly demanded fields. These fields include forensic accounting, accounting information systems and actuarial science. By concentrating in one area, you improve your chances of getting hired by a company working within a relevant industry. If a company specializes in forensics, they will likely hire a professional who trained for forensic accounting over one who did not. Open your eyes to the career options you gain upon choosing to get your Bachelor’s in accounting.

Bachelor Of Business Administration

A Bachelor of Business Administration degree with a concentration in finance is one of the best business degrees to obtain. If you choose to pursue this degree, your value increases to business owners. Furthermore, you set yourself up to successfully operate a business. If you have even the slightest inclination that you might want to startup your own company in the future, get your Bachelor of Business Administration degree. During your college years, you will learn about major business concepts. Students gain knowledge about applications as well. With a concentration in finance, you can run a business and secure your financial state at the same time. Keep this profitable financial degree option in mind.

Doctorate Degree In Finance

Finally, prospective financial professionals who get their doctorate in finance achieve their career goals. Unlike the other financial degrees in this post, a doctorate degree allows professionals to conduct financial research for businesses. With this degree, you can also become a professor and teach new students about financial elements. You can teach students about topics such as invoice finance to save businesses. Since most colleges demand high payments for doctorate schooling, students often refrain from pursuing this option. However, those who do often pay off their school debt quickly. After all, they qualify for higher paying jobs in their related field. Thus, keep this financial degrees option in mind to secure a stable future.

If you want to avoid limiting your financial career possibilities, consider getting one of the best financial degrees. For example, look into the success rates of those who graduate with Bachelor’s in finance degrees. In earning your Master’s in finance degree, you boost your value to employers. Students who receive their Bachelor of Business Administration degrees go on to startup their own companies or assist in managing money for others. Consider getting a degree in accounting and keep in mind that you can choose a concentration. Lastly, look into getting your doctorate degree to take your education a step further. Choose one of these best financial degrees to get for your career in order to achieve your goals.

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