CFMP Financial Marketing Certification Guide For Marketing Professionals

If you are a marketing professional, you may have an interest in the relatively new field of financial marketing. Financial marketing is exactly what it sounds like, marketing for financial institutions, like a smart bank. However, you may not know how exactly to break into this particular marketing specialty field. Thankfully,  there is a marketing certification available to help you learn the knowledge, skills and competencies required for the financial services industry. If you want to become a financial marketer, keep reading below to learn all about the Certified Financial Marketing Professional certification, or CFMP.

What Is CFMP?

The Certified Financial Marketing Professional certification offered by the American Bankers Association, or ABA, is the recognized standard of excellence for financial marketing professionals. This is the standard for all marketing professionals looking to break into the the finance industry. If you want to prove your knowledge and make the switch from business marketing to finance marketing, you should definitely consider getting certified.

CFMP Requirements

CFMP certification requirements make it a bit hard for a financial marketing beginner, like yourself, to sit for the exam. You must have at least five years of marketing experience, of which two must be in the area of financial services marketing. However, if you do not meet those requirements, you must have a Baccalaureate degree in business, economics or marketing and have completed one ICB, Institute of Certified Bankers, approved marketing program before applying for the certification exam. This means that if you do not already have experience in finance marketing for mortgage brokers or any other financial institution, you should sign up for an ICB marketing program as soon as possible.

CFMP Benefits

Why should you pursue a financial marketing certification with such rigorous requirements? There are many benefits to a CFMP designation. CFMP certification provides career enhancement opportunities by identifying you as a knowledgeable, skilled professional. In addition, the certification gets you access to a useful continuing education database, matching you with ICB approved education programs that offer credits for your work. You also have the advantage of an ICB member discount for bank marketing conferences and new member referral incentives. If you want to become a leading financial marketing professional, CFMP can help you do just that.

How To Prepare

If you want to know how to prepare for the CFMP certification test to become an advertising manager in the finance sector, there are several methods to consider. If you want a CFMP prep course tailored specifically to the test, consider training programs offers by the American Bankers Association. If you do not care for a test prep course, you can take advantage of the CFMP study resources listed on the ABA website, like the Marketing Financial Services textbook, available for just over $100. These are the best CFMP prep resources to consider, as they are offered by the certifying organization.

Marketing professionals have a lot to gain by entering into the field of financial marketing. If you are considering a career in finance marketing, you should consider obtaining your Certified Financial Marketing Professional credentials. The CFMP certification will help you to stand out from the job hunting competition. Prepare for the exam with the resources mentioned above, and you are sure to pass.

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