5 Must-Ask Questions to Find the Best WooCommerce Fulfillment Company

Woocommerce is a shopping cart plugin for WordPress, used by e-commerce business owners. Nowadays, online shopping has become a trend. There has been an influx of online shoppers.
Thus, caused some physical stores to convert into online stores. Business owners need to cater to the growing number of online customers.

When a one business owner struggles with massive orders, that is where WooCommerce fulfillment companies come in. They will help you manage business growth by doing some tasks. Some of the things they do are inventory, processing of orders, shipping process, and many more.

The role of fulfillment companies is essential for your business to grow further. They are links that connect your business to your clients. So, they are crucial business partners that can either help you succeed or drag you down.

Key Points In Finding The Best Woocommerce Fulfillment Company

There are several fulfillment companies out in the market. And choosing the best one for your business is something that you need to look out for. So, to guide you further, here are five (5) key points that will help you find the best WooCommerce fulfillment company:

Do They Provide Real-Time Updates?

Keeping you updated about the available stocks is one of the best characteristics of an ideal fulfillment company. To know if your provider can give your real-time updates, assess them by asking questions.

The first question that you can ask is about their inventory management. How do they monitor the stocks of each product? There are instances where fulfillment providers get products from different sources. And it is their job to inform you whenever products are on a low.

Another question is how they update the customer cart for product inventory. When it comes to this, ask them the minimum and maximum numbers for each product. And how often do they update product inventories?

When choosing the best fulfillment provider, make sure they provide regular updates. Because when they do, your customers will get updates as well. If your customers know when you usually give updates, they would feel like they know you well. And if that continues regularly, customers can build trust with you.

What Are Their Shipping Methods?

As a WooCommerce store owner, you should know the way to ship your products to your customers. And that is one thing that you should ask your fulfillment company. Ask them about the shipping method. There may offer several shipping methods that you can use for your store. Here are some of them:

Local Pickup

A local pickup is an option that customers can choose if they want to pick up their orders from a retail location. This is the best option for customers if you have a physical store. Take note that you should have several retail stores.

Flat Rate Shipping

Flat rate shipping is an option where you bill your customers a flat fee. The charge for each product is not based on weight. It is the best choice if you are not selling a variety of products. Or if your products have almost the same sizes and dimensions. Choose this option if you have one kind of product.

Variable Rate Shipping

Most business owners use this business shipping method. So, if you are a store owner who sells lots of different products, variable rate shipping is the best option for you. The shipping rate depends on the product dimensions and size. Or on how much the product weighs.

Free Shipping

Free shipping is an option where you do not charge your customers for shipping. You can also offer a free shipping promo to your customers. It is one of the ways to encourage them to buy from your store. Most businesses use this option as long as customers meet the set maximum order requirements or maximum amount.

After knowing the different shipping options, ask fulfillment providers about the shipping zones. Determine if they offer international shipping. By doing so, you would not have limits with your customer reach. If they offer international shipping, that will give a good opportunity to grow your business. Choose a WooCommerce Fulfillment company that can help you expand your business.

Another question to ask is how they track product shipments. Make sure that they update you and your customers as well. By doing so, your customers would know the status of their orders. One more thing to ask about is the lead time. If they offer a fast shipping method, it can be a great advantage to your business.

How Do You Process Large Volume Of Orders?

It can be a nightmare for business owners when an order gets swapped with another customer’s order. This mostly happens when a single owner can not handle the demand of orders anymore.
Choose a fulfillment company that answers this question: How do you deal with large volumes of orders?

Making mistakes with orders is one of the worst that could happen to your business. You can lose a bunch of customers because of those mistakes. So, make sure that your fulfillment provider is reliable. Ask them if they cater to large volume orders.

How Do You Ensure Accuracy Of Orders?

Getting mix-ups with orders can be detrimental to your business. So, when picking the best fulfillment provider, ask them how they ensure that there are no mistakes with the orders. Know what kind of system they use to ensure the accuracy of picking and packing orders. Some companies use barcode inventory systems to ensure efficient order processing.

By using barcodes, it is easier to monitor and authenticate products. It will be easier to document products and orders in the inventory.

How Do You Maintain Solid Customer Support?

Once customers set their orders from your store, you should have this urge to keep them. According to a study, acquiring new customers can be hard. Aside from that, they can give less profit than keeping the previous ones. And to get your customer’s loyalty, you need to provide and maintain solid customer service.

Recurring customers hold great power. They can refer your store to their acquaintances. Not only that, but you can have an assurance that you will have long-term support from them. Given that you provide them with their needs. A good fulfillment provider like Red Stag can provide and maintain solid customer support.

One thing for you to consider is if your fulfillment provider understands your business. Make sure that they have a deep understanding of your brand and your customer profile. By having so, they would be able to provide personalized services to your customers. This kind of personalized customer service will make the customers feel a closer relationship with you as a business owner. This will further deepen their trust in you and your business.

Finding the best WooCommerce fulfillment company that would suit your and your customer’s needs can be a little challenging. That is why you should pick the one that would answer this one last question.

‘How can they help and contribute to your success?’

They can only answer that one question if they can provide every need mentioned above. So, pick the best among the best fulfillment companies, and good luck on your WooCommerce journey!

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