5 Strategies On How To Find A Name For Your Business

Those starting a business want to know the best strategies to find a name for their company. Finding the right name is an essential part of starting a business. It can, however, be an overwhelming experience. A good business name embodies the feeling of a brand. Business owners need to find a name that is trendy and relevant to their industry. They also need to ensure that it is memorable and not already in use. Employ creativity as you decide on a business name. If you want to know how to find a name for your business, use these five strategies.

Test Out Keywords

First, test out keywords as you look for a business name. Google AdWords has a strong keyword search tool. When you search for relevant keywords, it provides you with a list of similar search phrases. It also lets you know how many global and local monthly searches that each keyword is getting. An AdWords search can help ensure there isn’t a similar name out there that will get more attention on the Internet. Testing keywords is a strategic way to find the right name for your business. It helps you decide on the exact name that will get the most internet traffic. Employ a keyword search strategy for find a name for your business.

Get Feedback

One you decide on several options for your business name, get feedback from your peers. Run your top ideas by friends, family members, and trusted colleagues. Use focus groups to get feedback from your target audience as well. This will help to ensure your name does not have any unintended negative connotations. Pay attention to what they say about how catchy the name is. You want the name to resonate with your target audience. Assure that the name sounds good when it is said aloud and that people are not confused about its spelling. Appeal to an audience to get feedback on potential names for your business.

Use A Generator

Use an online generator to come up with a name for your business. There are a great deal of free business name generators out there. These online tools use AI to find the best name for your business, website, or app. Enter keywords related to your business to generate name suggestions. Sign up for an account and post topics in the website forums to get feedback from the community. These tools also identify the domain names available for each potential business name. Use an online generator to find a name for your business.

Consider Domain Names

When coming up with a name for your business, it is important to consider domain names. This will help you turn your company’s name into a search-friendly and memorable domain. Simple, single word domains are hard to come by. Keep this in mind as you decide on a business name. Ideally, you want a business name that matches your domain. You want a name that is spelled exactly how it sounds to make it easy for customers to find you online. Use a dot com domain to give your company more credibility and optimize search engine position. Consider potential domain names as you name your business.

Ensure Trademark Capability

The last step in the naming process is to trademark your business name. This will make your name an official entity in the eyes of the government. Search the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office database to reveal if your name is already in use. This will provide you with the product information associated with similar names. It also tells you if that company holding ownership is still active. Follow the trademark process outlined on the website and seek legal counsel before submitting your application. Trademarking costs vary. They are typically between $275 and $325 range. Obtain official trademark status for your business name.

There are several creative strategies to help you register a brand name for business.  Use Google AdWords to test out the strength of potential keywords. Seek feedback from your target audience to see if your name resonates with them. Use an online generator to identify potential business names. Find a business name that matches up with a strong domain. Verify trademark status and register your name. Employ these strategies to find a name for your business.

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