How To Find Penny Stocks On NASDAQ That Are Under $1

There are several important steps to finding penny stocks on NASDAQ that are under $1. Penny stocks are driven by hype and high returns in the industry. Due to the speculative nature, these stocks under $1 attract plenty of interest from online forums, groups and social platforms. As a beginner penny stock investor, you should manage your trading psychology, risk tolerance and stock selection carefully. You must approach the stock market as a business and look to cut losses or make profits wherever you can. Read on for how to find penny stocks on NASDAQ that are under $1.

Select A Broker

First, find a broker to start investing in NASDAQ penny stocks. Penny stock brokers execute trades with varying commissions fees. These fees could include charges such as a flat fee, per trade price, or a percentage of the trading principal. Since penny stocks are purchased in large volume, choose a broker that does not charge commissions on a per-share basis. Of course, look for brokers who charge flat fees for stocks under $1. Many of the top penny stock brokers have standard charges per trade on the NASDAQ or Over the Counter Bulletin Board (OTCBB). Choose a broker that suits your specific trading needs for penny stocks under $1.

Search For Fast-Moving Stocks

Next, search for fast moving penny stocks on the NASDAQ. In order to find a penny stock for under $1, you must identify stocks that will break out to new heights. For example, find a spike in a penny stock. Then, invest in the stock while it is already moving in a positive direction. Of course, you may have to account for information inefficiencies, short squeezes and established resistance levels. Depending on the current standing of the stock, watch the price movement and leverage remaining value in the penny stock. Choose the penny stock on NASDAQ for under $1 with the most upside, moving speed and room for growth.

Set Up Investment Scanning Tools

Then, set up an investment scanning tool to survey penny stocks on the NASDAQ. Use stock screeners to narrow down huge lists of stocks into a small group of high upside investments. Depending on the characteristics you are looking for, set a filter to pull penny stocks from your own parameters. Popular filters include, price, volume, volatility and performance. Of course, these filters depend on the number of shares available, relative volume of the stock and breaking news from the company. Of course, these tools are helpful whether you are investing in penny stocks, ETFs, or high income mutual funds. Choose the penny stock on NASDAQ that the stock screener indicates is a great match for your parameters.

Investigate Company Background

Also, investigate the background of the company to find the best penny stock. Promoters often use false, inaccurate claims in reports to drive stock purchases. To ensure that investments are legitimate, verify the source and locate supplemental information. Then, carefully read company financial statements and supplemental reports. This will help you determine if the penny stock investment should be further pursued. Of course, the more information gathered on the company, the more informed the decision will be. Definitely, choose a penny stock on NASDAQ by investigating pooled company information found, historical performance, and background.

Create a Stock Watch List

Finally, create a watch list to monitor the penny stocks found on NASDAQ for under $1. Create a small, organized list of filtered stocks to effectively observe and monitor progress. Focus your list on the penny stocks with the greatest potential. Then, analyze stock potential through chart patterns, volume increases and historical performance. Of course, be very selective with the stocks you add to this watch list. This way, you can ensure assets fit your criteria for price, risk, or volatility. Definitely, design a sophisticated stock watch list to find the best penny stock investments on NASDAQ under $1.

There are several steps to finding the right penny stock on NASDAQ for under $1. This way, you can start trading stocks online and earning a profit. Start with selecting a high quality broker to oversee and facilitate transactions. Then, prioritize fast moving stocks, with strong upside potential. This is done through investment scanning tools to find the best stock and company. Next, investigate the company background to determine the legitimacy of the stock. Afterwards, create your watch list and observe the penny stock progress. Follow these steps to find penny stocks on NASDAQ for under $1.

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