How To Make Money Flipping Cars For Repair And Sale

There are several ways to make money flipping cars for repair and sale. Car flipping, like flipping houses, is a time-consuming process that can result in an increased return. There is a high demand for used cars all over the world due to rising prices and shortages. Many individuals just want to get from point A to point B safely with a reliable vehicle. As an entrepreneur, understand the ins and outs of the car repair business to have a successful hustle. Therefore, buy an undervalued car, repair it and sell it at a higher asking price. It is cheaper than a new car but you still earn a profit. Here is how you can make money flipping cars for repair and sale.

Set Your Budget

Start making money flipping cars by setting your budget. Typically, new members in the auto-flipping business start with a $1,500 – $5,000 spending limit. With these amounts, you can buy a decent car with average to high mileage. Use the left over money to repair and fix your car. Additionally, buy the car with cash if possible. Of course, bring extra cash with you when buying your car for good measure. Add about half of your spending limit to the pile for precaution. Try not to use a credit card so you don’t have to calculate credit interest within your profit margin. Certainly, set your budget to start making money flipping and selling cars.

Find Undervalued Cars

Next, make money flipping cars by finding undervalued cars. Just as there are many steps to find investment properties, there are many ways to find undervalued cars. Buy from a public auction, Craigslist, eBay motors, newspaper classifieds or around town for cheap but usable cars. Public auctions usually have repossessed, seized, forfeited or abandoned vehicles in their inventory. Typically, they offer better deals because they’re based on volume. Or, go on Craigslist or eBay motors to find car listings online. You can bargain with the sellers for a cheaper selling price and you can pick from multiple posts. Finally, you can buy an undervalued car right in your neighborhood. While driving around, you may see cars with a “For Sale” sign. You can buy that car and flip it for profit. Certainly find undervalued cars to flip. 

Inspect Car Before Buying

Then, inspect the car before buying it to flip. Test every aspect of the car, from interior buttons to under the hood. You want a car that won’t cost more than expected to flip. There could be a lot of hidden issues that might not be disclosed. Check the oil level and transmission fluids. Confirm the car is not low on oil, has good gaskets, and that the fluid is pink. Next, listen to the engine for any knocking, focus on shifting feels and request service records. If the car has serious technical problems, it is best not to buy as it can be expensive. Definitely inspect the car before buying it and fixing it to sell.

Low Cost Repairs

Certainly, add low cost repairs to increase the value of the car. Repair the car yourself or hire someone to help. Find a technician through your local newspaper, references or online. For example, you can find a mechanic on Craigslist who will conduct a mechanical reliability check for $30. If you repair it yourself, you will increase the overall profit of the flip. Spend anywhere from $100-$300 on repairs as buyers want cars with less problems. This could result in an extra $1,000 being added to the sale price. Of course, look to low cost repairs to increase profit by hundreds.

Sell Car

Finally, the only real way to make money by flipping a car is to sell it. Based off the buying price and the added repairs, you should have your car price. Check out fair market value guides to see what your car is worth. Then, you need to list your car. Of course, you are going to list your car in the same places you bought it originally. However, Craigslist may be your best bet as there are no fees to post and it has a massive audience. Once you list your car, you should start receiving bids or requests to view the car. Remember to include variables that could increase the price of the car when disclosing your asking price. Definitely sell the car to earn money.

There are various ways to make money flipping cars for repair and sale. Additionally, you can find out how to buy and sell cars on your own. Set a budget so you know your limit, don’t spend more than you have and can project earnings. Next, buy an undervalued car because when you flip it and add value, you earn a profit. Of course, inspect the car before buying as serious technical problems can be hard and costly to fix. Conduct low cost repairs as adding even $100 in fixes can increase your profit by about $300. Finally, list and sell the car to earn a profit from your flipping operation. Certainly follow these steps to make money from flipping cars for repair and sale.

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