Top Franchises Under 10k To Get Started On A Limited Budget

It is a common misconception that investing in business has impossible upfront rates. There are many businesses and franchises that you can invest in for under $10,000 without having to learn how to invent something. 10k is considered a relatively minor business investment. But, it can give you the start you need to jump into the investing game. Here is a list of 5 franchises under 10k you could invest in, depending on your interests.

Super Glass Windshield Repair

Super Glass Windshield Repair, founded in 1992, has an initial franchise fee of just under $10k. You could spend up to about $30k on this investment if you choose. They provide classroom training. The unique thing about Super Glass is that they only do windshield repairs, and they have gained recognition over their top service. They are now the largest repairs based franchise in the world. Super Glass offers incentives, like 10% off the initial franchise fee for veterans. If you enjoy funding a service-based organization, this may be the right investment for you.

Results! Travel

Results! Travel wants to help you find your dream vacation. They are a global travel services company that help with travel transportation, lodging and more. Results! Travel started franchising in 1984. The initial fees for investing in Results! Travel vary, depending on your specific wants and needs. However, the largest initial investment you can make in this franchise clocks in around $10k. Ongoing fees include expenses like the annual membership fee, which can range from $50 for a branch location to $600 for a main location. If you decide to buy a Results! Travel franchise, you will be in a one-year contract and have to attend two days of training. Check out your options through their website.

Cruise Planners

Like Results! Travel, cruise Planners is another type of travel agency business. Travel franchises typically have lower risk and lower initial costs, so they are a good option for investors looking under $10,000 without having to pay for business consultant advice on the matter. Cruise Planners also provides training, but the system also includes online webinars and support. This allows you to run your travel agency business remotely or even from home. Cruise Planners is associated with American Express Travel, so you may benefit from those promotions or perks. Additionally, they offer incentives for franchise owners like a week long training in Ft Lauderdale, Florida. You can try a webinar to learn more about investing in a Cruise Planners franchise.

Jazzercise, Inc

Remember Jazzercise? Today, you can invest in the dance and fitness studios for under $10k. The fitness industry is considered a smart investment, since exercise classes have been rising in popularity recently. Your investment in Jazzercise will allow you access to training through classes and other materials, with a one day in person program. You must teach at least four Jazzercise classes a month at your franchise, and you may sell official apparel at your store. Of course, you can simply be part of the business decision if you want to. You may wish to invest in the franchise and hire instructors to teach the classes. A Jazzercise investment can range depending on insurance, equipment and other operating costs. However, you could easily keep your initial investment under $10,000.

Coffee News

Coffee News, based in Maine, is a free publication you see in hotels and coffee shops. The papers include local business advertisements, puzzles and news. Coffee News offer financing to help cover start-up costs, and franchise training is a three day mix of collaboration and classroom style learning. As a franchisor, you would sell advertising space to local companies for your Coffee newspaper. For this franchise, there is no tech background required at all. This type of franchise investment is great because there is no advertising or business licensing needed. Be sure to research the plausibility of this type of franchise in your area first, as you will succeed with a larger amount of people.

When thinking about investing in a franchise, be sure to consider your personal interests. Even if you are planning on hiring a team, you should have an interest in the industry you are investing in. If you enjoy automobiles, consider SuperGlass Windshield Repair. If you are interested in travel, look into Results! Travel or Cruise Planners. A Jazzercise franchise would be good for the investor interested in activity or dance. Owning a Coffee News franchise would allow you to connect with your community. Pick the industry that suits you best, and reserach your investment options. These 5 franchises under 10k for business investors can help you get the investment start you desire, without cleaning out your bank account.

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