Find Legitimate Freelance Data Entry Jobs On Top Job Posting Sites

Are you a data entry professional seeking some freelance work to make additional money on the side? If so, you have probably gotten sucked into trying many shady freelance jobs websites even jobs themselves. Respectable, legitimate freelance data entry jobs are hard to find. The web is inundated with sites promising to help you make money at home with these jobs, but few deliver on that promise. If you want to find legitimate freelance data entry work, keep reading below for the best places to look.


Guru is an excellent place to look for freelance data entry jobs online. This is a freelance job posting board that lists opening in many more areas than just data entry. In addition, you can find writing and translation jobs, web, software and IT work, admin support jobs, sales and marketing gigs and more. If you have  a wide array of marketable skills and are looking for freelance jobs, consider visiting the Guru job listing site.


UpWork is another excellent resource for data entry freelancers looking for work. This online job posting site benefits freelancers like you by offering projects you would be a good fit for. In addition, UpWork provides users the ability to create a freelancer profile to showcase your professional skills and experience. If you want the ability to build a big data entry freelancing portfolio, UpWork is a great place to do just that.


Freelancer is another job search solution to help you find the data entry jobs you are looking for. This freelancing site is one of the most widely known, which makes it a reputable option. You can make a bid on any jobs you like. Then, just wait and see if you get hired. Freelancer allows you to see the price offered, amount of bids entered and when the decision will be made. If you want to be able to visualize your competition, Freelancer is an excellent place to look for data entry work.


PeoplePerHour has over 550 data entry job listings available to job seekers like yourself. Much like Indeed and other similar job listing sites, you can search for jobs by experience level, location and category. You can view the potential payrate for some, but not all jobs, unlike Freelancer. However, once you find a job you like, you can send a proposal and wait for a response. If you are looking for an additional freelance job posting board to add to your job search repetoire, consider PeoplePerHour.

Freelancing is a highly competitive area when it comes to the job search. However, freelance data entry jobs abound, and there are many different ways to find work. If you are a freelance data entry professional looking for jobs, considering using one or all of the freelance job search sites mentioned above. These sites will offer you the most reputable work from home jobs online, so make sure to give them a look.

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