5 Types Of Freelancer Insurance Plans For Self-Employed Professionals

As the trend of self-employment rises in the U.S., the demand for freelancer insurance plans grows. Since they do not work for a company that provides benefits, freelancers need to find their own insurance plans to protect them. As a freelance professional yourself, it is important that you find plans to cover anything that may go wrong during your career. However, you may have trouble deciding which types of coverage are the most necessary. Read on to learn about the best types of freelancer insurance plans for self-employed professionals.

General Liability

One of the best freelancer insurance plans is coverage for general liability. Self-employed professionals of all kinds need this coverage. Whether you are starting a freelance ecommerce photographer business or a writing one, you can benefit from obtaining a general liability policy. General liability insurance protects you against bodily injury caused to another person while at your office or at a job site. Additionally, these plans also cover your equipment in the event of damage or theft. As a freelancer, you cannot do your job without your equipment. For that reason, it is crucial that you have an insurance plan that will replace items like cameras and computers required to do your job. Self-employed professionals need general liability freelancer insurance to ensure they and their equipment are protected.

Professional Liability

Another way you can protect yourself is to find a freelancer insurance plan with professional liability coverage. These plans protect you against claims that you incorrectly or insufficiently conducted your services. Some freelancers get sued for negligence by their clients. As a result, they are forced to pay for the damages. A professional liability plan covers those costs. These plans provide protection against legal action that your general liability plan does not. Many businesses require that freelancers show proof of professional liability insurance before hiring them. Professional liability freelancer insurance can be a lifesaver for self-employed individuals in the event of negligence lawsuits.

Health And Disability

Freelancer insurance plans should cover more than just professional needs, which is why health and disability coverage is crucial. Since you do not work for a company that offers these benefits, it is important to secure them for yourself. Going to the doctor for a checkup without insurance can cost upwards of $200. Going to the hospital can cost more than $3000. In order to ensure you stay healthy without breaking the bank, you need insurance. However, look into your different health insurance plan options to ensure that you select the right one. Furthermore, if you come down with a debilitating disease or condition, then you will need disability insurance to stay afloat. As a freelancer, if you cannot do your job, you have no other way to make money. For these reasons, it is important that you get health and disability coverage from your freelancer insurance plans.

Term Life

Similarly, you need a freelancer insurance plan that provides term life coverage. In the case of your death, it is important that your family has financial stability. No one wants to think about this scenario, but it is necessary that you plan for it. Additionally, term life policy holders can typically add their spouses and children onto their plan for a discounted rate. Many providers do not require doctors’ visits or medical records except from individuals with pre-existing conditions. While you hope that your family will not have to rely on it, having term life coverage as one type of freelancer insurance plan offers financial stability in case of your death.

Emergency Fund

While this is not a formal freelancer insurance plan, an emergency fund is a great way to create a financial safety net. Open a savings account and continue to deposit funds into it until you have accrued at least a few months worth of expenses. As a freelancer, there will be times when work is scarce. Your bills do not stop coming just because you cannot find work. Having an emergency fund to tap into relieves a lot of stress. If you do not want to file claims with your other insurance providers, your emergency fund is a great place to turn. Even though it is not a conventional type of freelancer insurance, an emergency fund offers peace of mind in the event of a crisis.

As a self-employed professional, you still need work insurance. You need freelancer insurance to protect you against a multitude of issues that may arise. General and professional liability insurance cover you in the event someone gets injured, equipment gets damaged, or you are sued for negligence. Health and disability plans assist with the expenses of getting sick or being unable to work. Additionally, in the event of your untimely death, you need a term life plan to offer your family financial stability after your passing. Even though an emergency fund is not a traditional type of insurance, it does protect you during lulls in work. Follow this advice on freelancer insurance to ensure you are covered against any situation.

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