5 Best Functions Of Virtual Phones For Small Business

Businesses receive a high volume of phone calls a day. As a business owner, managing all these calls can be a frustrating task. Virtual phones can help organize calls and reduce the amount of work you have to do. A virtual phone system is a telephone number that isn’t directly associated to one line. We will discuss the functions of virtual phones and how they can be helpful for your business.

Setting Up Alternate Numbers

One of the most basic functions of virtual phone software is the ability to set up alternate numbers on a single machine. Traditionally, phone numbers were tied to physical locations because of how the information was transmitted and received through wires. Virtual phones don’t have this limitation because the information isn’t limited to one place. Setting up a second toll free number on your phone or computer reduces the need to have multiple phone systems at your business. It completely eliminates the problem of answering the wrong phone, and the mental confusion of figuring out which number the customer is calling.

Time Of Day Routing

Every business has a different ebb and flow where the customers are most concentrated. Unlike traditional phones, virtual phones can give you the option to forward calls based on the time of day. This option provides flexibility according to your needs. If you have priority clients, you can set the system to forward their calls to you based on their schedule. If you’re not in the office during the weekends, you can have the virtual phone forward calls to your personal number. You can also use the system to forward lower priority calls straight to voicemail. The possibilities are only limited by your creativity and your businesses’ needs.

Multiple Locations

Another boon to using a virtual phone system is the ability to set up the same line at multiple locations. This is a useful function that serves business owners with several offices in the city of Markham or other nearby areas. You can make the system contact both offices, or a specific office based on certain criteria. You can have the system do a quick questionnaire which best determines which location to call based on the customer’s answers. This helps to drive revenue by matching customers with the best location to suit their needs. If your business require you to travel abroad often, using the virtual phone system can cut down on complicated interactions. Instead of having several numbers for several phones, you can receive a call at one location even if someone calls the other.

International Calling

Calling someone internationally with a cell phone or landline costs a lot in additional fees. For a business making several international calls or expanding internationally, these charges add up to a small fortune. Some virtual phones have a function that forwards calls to local numbers. Virtual phones act as a go between of sorts, you can have the call go through the virtual phone’s data service instead of through your phone service provider. Alternatively, you can make a local number in another country that will be forwarded to another one of your lines. Using these methods will cut your calling costs down significantly.

Call Recording

Business meetings can be fast paced and hectic. Sometimes it just isn’t possible to take notes or remember exactly what was said. Most virtual phones have a call recording function. (5) This is especially useful for business owners that want to review the conversation later. You can dedicate your whole attention to the customer instead of worrying about remembering everything that is said. You can review orders to make sure you didn’t miss anything. Call recording is also a phenomenal way to improve your social dynamics and business acumen. By listening to recorded calls, you can pinpoint your errors and strengths.

Technological advancement has created so many new tools that can benefit your business. Don’t be a dinosaur and rely on old expensive landlines, take advantage of virtual phones and their plethora of functions.

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