7 Ways Toll Free Numbers Boost Lead Generation For Small Business

Toll free numbers are telephone numbers that are billed for all arriving calls, rather than incurring charges to the caller. These numbers typically start with an 800 and the rest are often used to spell out something relevant to the business itself. If you are a new business owner, you should take the option of toll free numbers into consideration. There are many benefits of using toll free numbers for both you and your customers, even if you do not yet have an auto dialer software. If you would like to learn more about these benefits to help decide if a toll free number is right for you, keep reading below.

Improved Customer Service

The first major benefit to toll free numbers is the improved customer service they can provide. They are much more effective than video content marketing in this respect. By incurring the call charges for all of your customers, you are providing them with a free and easy way to contact your business. This can help foster a better relationship with your customers and even improve their overall satisfaction with your business. A toll free number makes your business more accessible, which is especially important for a new business.

Increased Customer Satisfaction

Better customer service means happier customers. This should go without saying. Having a toll free phone number for business allows you to provide the best customer service possible to your customers. This will help to improve customer satisfaction with your business, even in cases when problems arise. If you want to improve customer satisfaction to increase customer retention rates, consider getting a business toll free number. It will be even more helpful than using the latest social media tips for business.

Portable Phone Number

In addition to improving customer service, toll free numbers are portable. This means that they can be used or routed to anywhere in the world as long as you don’t invoke trademark infringement. This is an especially useful feature if you plan to expand your business outside of your local area. Toll free numbers can easily be set up in any office. So, whether you move across town or across the country you will get to keep the same phone number. This is essential for businesses that want to grow without losing touch with current customers.

Organize Marketing Efforts

These free numbers can also significantly benefit your marketing team when used correctly. Toll free numbers are a popular way for businesses to reach out to customers with direct response campaigns and broadcast ads. Best of all, with one single number to deal with, you can more easily keep track of these types of calls which is also important to office security. Not only can you gather data about your advertising strategies, you can also log customer complaints and other call details with ease.

More Leads

Using a toll free number will generate more leads for business. With the increased marketing efforts made possible by having a toll free number for business, your business will benefit. A more comprehensive marketing strategy will be more effective at getting customers in your business. In addition, consumers prefer to call toll-free numbers, rather than those that are not toll-free. That automatically boosts the lead generation capabilities for your business, in addition to the teleconferencing solutions they provide. Bear this in mind when deciding whether or not to get a toll free number for business.

More Memorable Branding

The next benefit of toll free numbers is the memorable branding it provides. These phone numbers are allocated on a first come-first serve basis. But, there are millions of combinations out there for the taking. New businesses can request a phone number that reflects their brand, product or service so that they are the first thing customers think of when they need something. If you want to draw in calls to your business, choose a memorable toll free number for use on your company’s virtual phones.

Increase Your Credibility

Finally, the last benefit of toll free numbers is that they can help to increase your credibility. As a new business, you are probably in the process of building your reputation. A toll free number can help by making your business seem more well-established. And, the proper product management tools for the number will help you satisfy more customers quickly. Just one simple number can change a lot of people’s opinions about your business.

If you are a new business owner, you should really consider the benefits of a toll free number, no matter whether you want to profit from sports or from a product you sell. These numbers are an excellent way to build credibility for your business, improve customer service and provide flexibility so that you can continue to grow. Try out some toll free numbers for yourself and see how they can benefit your business first hand.

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