How To Obtain Your General Contractor License California

There are several essential steps to obtain your general contractor license California. In California, larger home construction, remodeling, and repair projects are required by law to be done by a licensed contractor professional. The Contractor State License Board (CSLB) regulates contractor examinations and provides administrative assistance to CA customers and contractors. Additionally, the CLSB also oversees criminal and civil actions against unlicensed contractors. As a handy Californian entrepreneur, contracting work can be a lucrative way earn income. However, you need to follow the proper protocols to get your license. Read on to learn about how to obtain your general contractor license California.

Meet California’s Qualifications

When applying for your general contractor license, you must first meet California’s qualifications. For starters, you must be 18 years or older and have a valid social security number (SSN) or individual taxpayer identification (ITIN) to become a contractor. In California, you also need to prove that you have had at least four years of experience in the contracting industry. For example, if you went to technical school for a year to become an electrician, this could count towards your experience. You could also have been a journeyman, foreman, employee, or owner-builder. Notably, if you are starting a business after the military, serving time is also accepted as valid experience. Be sure to list if you are a veteran and submit appropriate verification documents on your license application. Before you can apply for your general contractor’s license, you need to meet California’s qualifications.

Decide On Your License Classification

Once you know you qualify for application, you need to decide on your license classification. To take a case in point, there are three different major CA contractor classifications. For instance, Class A general engineering contractors typically work with fixed structures that require engineering knowledge and skill. On the other hand, general building contractors fall under Class B. These can work on existing buildings or structures being built that require at least two building traded or drafts during the construction phase. Class C specialty contractors are experts in a particular skill or trade. There are over 40 different separate licenses for a Class C contractor. Ultimately, you need to think about what type of work you are most interested in as well as where demand lies to decide on your license classification accordingly.

Apply For Your Exam

After you have chosen your license classification, you can apply for your exam. Currently, you can fill out your examination application form online, as a PDF, or order a blank form by mail. Regardless of which option you choose, there is a $330 application fee. All options involve a printing solution and mailing the form to the CLSB. On the application, you will need to provide a business name and address as well as personal information, such as your date of birth and SSN. Be sure to read the application carefully, as there are certain terms you must follow depending on your business structure. Moreover, you will also need to provide certification of your work experience and answer specified yes/no questions. It is essential to apply for your exam to become a licensed general contractor in California.

Get Fingerprints & A Criminal Background Check

You also need to get fingerprints and a criminal background check to go with your application. Once you have completed or “posted” your exam application, the CLSB will send each individual on the application directions for submitting fingerprints. It is imperative that you complete the application information section and take three copies of the completed form to a Live Scan station. You will submit one copy to the live scan station operator, keep one for your records, and send the other to the CLSB within 90 days of your exam application completion date. There will be an approximate $50 fee for fingerprinting services. You can usually find these finger printing sites at local police departments. It is crucial to get fingerprints and a criminal background check to qualify for your general contractor’s license in California.

Pass Exam

Finally, to obtain your CA general contractor license, you need to pass your exam or qualify for exemption. Fortunately, you can access study resources on the CLSB website to help you prepare for your test. The state contractor exam contains 100 questions that you must answer within 2.5 hours. You also need to get at least a 72% to pass the test. If you are a new applicant, you first need to complete an open-book test on dealing with asbestos. While it does not certify you to handle it, it demonstrates that you understand the dangers it creates. Once you take your exam, you should check your application status to see when you can get your license issues. It is essential to pass this test to become grow your independent contractor business in California.

There are several important steps obtain your general contractor license California. First, you need to meet California’s qualifications. Next, decide on your license classification. Then, you need to apply for your exam and submit your application fee. In addition, get fingerprints and a criminal background check to get approved by the CLSB. Finally, it is essential to pass your exam with a 72% or higher to get licensed. Consider the steps above to learn about how to obtain your general contractor license California.

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