5 General Liability Insurance Policy Protections To Keep Business Thriving

General liability insurance is a required part of business operations in most states. But because it is required, too few business owners pay attention to what general liability insurance policies typically cover. Of course, specifics will vary based on your individual business policy. But, you can still find out what incidents GLI policies traditionally cover below.


In the event that your business gets sued, general liability insurance plans cover the costs. These policies will typically cover the cost of their own investigation. In addition, many will cover the cost of attorney expenses. If your business should be required to pay any judgement or settlement thanks to a third-party fall caused by your office interior design, it will also be covered by most GLI plans. These are obviously very important business protections to help owners like you avoid bankruptcy from a single arbitration. However, general liability insurance will only cover lawsuit costs for certain types of lawsuits, mentioned below.

Bodily Injury

General liability policies will cover the costs of lawsuits associated with third-party bodily injury. That means that if a customer gets hurt on your property, you will be covered. These plans will traditionally help pay for the customer’s immediate medical expenses. They will also cover your legal expenses should the customer decide to sue you. These protections only apply to third-party persons, however. This is important to keep in mind when you are worried about the potential effects the Donald Trump economy may have on your profits and performance.

Property Damage

A general liability insurance policy will also protect you from third-party property damage. This is not a privilege you are likely to need to take advantage of. But, it is still important to know. In case your business damages customer property somehow, your plan will help protect you. GLI can help your business pay to replace the damage item or repair it when possible. This is a service that can save you a couple bucks here and there, which is never a bad thing.

Product Liability

A GLI policy will cover your business in the event that something goes wrong with your product. If your business’s product causes harm to a customer, the plan will help cover the legal expenses associated with the event. The same is also true if your product damages a customer’s property too. This is something that could seriously come in handy in the future, which is why these types of insurance policies are so vital for business.

Advertising Injury

General liability plans cover costs associated with slander and copyright infringement. These events are also known as advertising injury. If another business or individual sues you for slander or copyright infringement, you will not have to worry too much. The best general liability insurance plans will help you pay for legal fees and all other costs associated with the event. This can greatly benefit businesses who operate in a highly competitive market.

Business owners are afforded a ton of protections through top general liability insurance policies. These plans will typically cover costs associated with all of the above incidents. But depending on the individual insurance policy, whether it is from Fiesta Insurance or Farmers, only a certain percentage of costs will be covered. Be sure to search around before settling on the best GLI policy to help protect your business from circumstances that could otherwise cause you to close up shop.

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