How To Get Publicity For Books When Marketing For The First Time

After spending hours upon hours writing books, the last thing authors want to worry about is getting publicity for those books. As a new author, you may be especially worried about this publicity factor, especially if you are not all that familiar with marketing terms. It’s difficult for new authors to get noticed because of how vast the book industry is. Fortunately, there are ways to alleviate some of the stress that comes with the process. Read on to discover the many ways to receive publicity for books you write when you are just getting your start as a newly published author.

Create A Website

If you do not already have a website where you can market your books, it is time to create one. A website is a place where you can get creative and really show people who you are as an author. Since you are a new author and are not yet popular in the world of literature, creating a website is the first step you should make to establish yourself. It is a space for potential readers to go to find out more about not just you as an author, but your books as well. You can include descriptions of your novels, shorter pieces to help them to get a sense of your writing style, and links to purchase your books. You can even enable web push notifications to drive traffic. A website provides many outlets for you to market your books and get publicity.

Engage On Social Media

Social media is a great way to draw people to your books and to your website, where your books are publicized. New authors typically don’t have too many followers on social media. So, your first step should be to drive more followers to your pages. Continuously commenting on fellow authors’ and publishing houses’ posts will help people to notice you. Social media is a very popular tool for book marketing, but before you can receive publicity on it, you must establish yourself through engagement.

Create A Community On Social Media

Once you feel that you have established yourself pretty well through engagement, it is time to create a unique community for yourself and your books on social media. You need to stand out if you want to get publicity for books. And you need to get publicity for your books if you want your books to sell. This may seem difficult, but once you stop thinking about it so much, it’s quite easy. Think about what is unique about you and your writing. Perhaps there is a certain phrase you used throughout your book(s). Maybe you have a unique characteristic that really impacted your writing. Determine something that makes you stand out from other authors. Then, figure out how you can help others relate to it. This will help you to create a community of people who want to read your book. It will help you to successfully publicize your books as a new author while also giving you the opportunity for future growth.

Do Your Research

While the thought of press releases is exciting as a new author, setting yourself up for a successful press release takes some research. In order to ensure that you can speak well for your book and create positive publicity, you should look at what other authors do. Read articles about authors who were praised at their press releases. Watch videos and listen to interviews so that you, too, can have a successful press release. If you want to get publicity for books, you’ll need to put in the work.

Stay Relevant

Publicity revolves around the now so if you want to receive publicity for your books, you need to stay relevant. Watching the news and keeping yourself up-to-date could really help you to connect with other people on all levels. You could, for example, converse with someone in the grocery store about what an actress wore at the most recent awards show, and they could go home to look you up. They would see your website and your social media pages that all promote your book. Staying relevant and developing relationships with others based on what’s relevant can create publicity.

Getting publicity for books is a lengthy process that requires a lot of work. But, it is not altogether different from marketing a home business.  You must have a website to establish yourself as an author. You should engage on social media so that you can draw attention to your page. After you’ve gotten a substantial amount of followers on social media, you should work to create a special community. Do your research on other authors who have made it in the publicity world. On top of that, you should also stay relevant so that your books can become relevant. If you follow the above tips, you’re sure to get publicity for your book and all of your hard work will pay off.

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