5 Best Gifts For Administrative Professionals Day

There are endless gifts for administrative professionals day. Of course, there are also many ways to keep employees happy. Each year, on April 21st, businesses celebrate Administrative Professionals Day. There are over 500 unique jobs titles that are are shown appreciation including Administrative Assistants, Executive Assistants and receptionists or secretaries. As a business owner, there are various ways to show your team how much they mean to you and the company. Here are the best gifts for administrative professionals day.

Executive Business Pen

First, you can gift your administrative professionals an executive business pen. This twist-action ballpoint pen comes with black ink and can be used for any document, note or order. Engraved with the word “success”, your employees know that you appreciate their strives for a successful, high performance work environment. Additionally, the pen has refillable capabilities, meaning the pen can be reused. Consider including extra ink cartridges in their gift. More so, the pen includes other useful features. For example, the end cap has a rubber stylus tip to use on any touch screen device including iOS and Android devices. Certainly, all administrative professionals can appreciate a fine point, cleanly written executive business pen.

Sweet Treat Boxes

Secondly, consider some sweet treat boxes as a gift for administrative professionals day and to retain employees. Gift your employees a box they can keep at their desks with their favorite snacks and treats. Each box can be customized with various sweet options. These include chocolate dipped pretzels, artisan caramels, mouth watering cookies and all-natural granola. Show your appreciation and commitment to your team by knowing each employee’s favorite snack options. Or, give boxes with treats that fit everyone’s wants. Of course, these boxes include individually wrapped snacks so they can be traded and swapped as needed. Definitely gift your hard working administrative professionals a box of sweet treats.

Wine Set

Next, you can give your diligent administrative professionals a wine set to show your appreciation. Consider giving your hardworking employees a wine set with their favorite bottle of wine to unwind and relax after a hard day’s work. The wine tools come in a bottle-shaped holder that is easily opened in the middle. Each holder can be customized with a name and a quote underneath saying “wine bar”. Inside is a wine opener, a foil cutter and a wine stopper. Additionally, it includes a drop-stop collar and wine spout. Discover each employee’s favorite bottle of wine and gift it to them on their special day. Of course, you could add some treats such as crackers, cheese or chocolate that would go well with the wine. Certainly consider gifting your employees a wine set for administrative professionals day.

Customized Mug

Of course, gift your administrative employees a customized mug. Each mug is handmade, ceramic with rounded corners and a c-handle. They can be designed with names, funny sayings or cute pictures. Certainly, they can hold all hot beverages including coffee, tea and hot chocolate. It’s a great gift for your early risen employees who need a nice wake up drink. Consider investing in dishwasher and microwave safe mugs. It can simplify the cleaning process and allow workers to heat up their coffee if they were working too hard to finish it while it was hot. Since the mugs are personalized, they can be kept at work so everyone can have a fresh cup of their morning joe. Definitely consider giving your administrative professionals a customized mug to show your appreciation.

Engraved Candle Holders

Finally, give your team members an engraved candle holder for administrative professionals day. This gift is great for relaxation and unwinding. The sustainable pinewood candle holder includes a 100% cotton wick white candle. The cotton wick ensures a smokeless and clean burning experience. As a result, your employees could light their candles for a relaxing sensation during work hours. Or, they can be used at home during a relaxing night of movies and dinner. More so, the wood holders can be customized with names, personal motivational messages or monogrammed designs. Of course, gift your employees with a good-smelling vanilla flavored candle and engraved candle holder.

There are several gifts you can give on administrative professionals day. In fact, many of these gifts won’t exceed your credit card limit. First, consider giving an executive business pen with clean strokes, a rubber stylus tip and a motivational word or quote to show your employees how much you appreciate them. Secondly, you can gift your employees with a sweet treat box including their favorite snacks that they can keep at their desks or take home to share with their family. Next, you could give your workers a wine set to open, reseal and share a bottle of wine as a way to relax after work. Of course, gift a customized mug that allows your team to enjoy any warm beverage including a wake up coffee, tea or hot coco. Finally, give each employee an engraved candle holder with a 100% cotton wick for a smokeless and clean experience while at home or work. These are the best gifts to give your workers during administrative professionals day.

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