5 Gold Trading Strategies That Individual Investors Follow

Gold is considered one of the oldest form of currency dating back to ancient empires and civilizations. In recent times, governments have backed their own currency by the value of gold. Although these ties to gold have changed over the years, investors still place their faith in gold as an alternative currency. As one of the most valuable precious metals, gold is actively traded on global markets. Furthermore, investors can trade on gold futures like other commodities such as coffee prices. You can make or lose money depending on the gold price fluctuations. If you would like to invest, here are some of the gold trading strategies that individual investors follow.

Gold Trading On Fundamentals

There are many fundamentals that can impact the gold price. Watching overall economic trends like inflation and deflation are the basics of trading gold. You can pay attention to government fear and worry. This can push investors to buy gold. Moreover, the supply and demand of gold can play a role in the trading price. If you would like to start gold trading, learn these fundamentals. They might take some time to learn. However, once you have a good understanding of what factors affect the gold price, you can make informed decisions about your trading strategy overall. Gaining this knowledge, it can provide you with the basics required to have a sound gold trading strategy.

Daily Gold Trading Patterns

Watching a live gold price chart, you can start to see patterns in price movements at certain times. On a day to day basis, experience investors are able to identify similar price changes throughout the day. They compare the the previous day with the current day to create entry and exit positions. Since many other investors are making price predictions, you can trade ahead of the curve and buy before the price rises or sell before a downturn. These trades are based on the previous three days price patterns and how other investors are sending money. With the right experience gold trading could make you a big winner or loser on a daily basis.

Trading Base On Gold Correlation With Yen

Since gold and Yen are both considered “safe haven instruments,” investors can verify their positions by looking at the correlation between these two assets. If you see a movement in the Yen trading markets, then some investors will make quick gold trades based on the anticipated correlation. Keep in mind, these correlations are not always guaranteed and may change in unique circumstances. Still, many investors will double check their gold trading strategy based on this strong correlation.

Buy Gold Trading Stocks And Funds

There are many stocks that hold gold, attracting individual investors to buy shares. Since the company buys gold, the price of the stock is directly tied to the value of gold. You can control your position in the gold market by buying or selling these gold stocks. Moreover, you have the ability to pick and choose stocks that may have a higher return on their gold trading activities. In this case, the stock price can be affected by the gains or losses of the price of gold as well as the trading decisions of the gold trading company. Depending on your level of involvement, you can incorporate buying gold stocks in your overall trading strategy.

Trading Gold Based On Margins

Another strategy of gold trading, you can buy and sell gold based on predetermined margins. These margins would dictate your profit margin, or loss margin. Rather than using market timing or signals, these investors typically buy gold at the current market rate. Then, they set benchmark pricing based on their margin. The high price sets a value of what prices to sell, creating a profit. Meanwhile, the lower benchmark creates a stop price at which the gold sells at a loss. Obviously, you would have to determine the best price for buying and selling gold on various margins. You can set higher profit values and lower selling prices in the event of a loss. This would be unique to your gold trading strategy over time.

Trading gold involves a great level of risk on a day to day basis. You can use varies strategies to create profit or losses from your trading activities. Novice investors can start out by trading gold based on fundamentals or buying gold stocks to have experts handle the trading. Or, you can take matters in your own hands. Keep in mind, trading gold is should not be used as a strategy to get rich quick. This would involve identifying your own gold price patterns, market timing, currency correlations and benchmarks. As you become more experienced in gold trading, you can find the strategy that works best for an individual investor like yourself.

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