5 Ways Handwritten Notes Give Your Marketing Plan A Competitive Edge

There is something about receiving a handwritten note that is just special. Receiving a handwritten note is always a pleasant surprise. When you think of it like that, it is shocking that more business owners do not leverage the written medium to benefit their operations. But surprisingly, many business owners do not consider the advantages handwritten notes can offer their business’s marketing endeavors. Allow us to enlighten you to the benefits handwritten notes provide your brand below.

Customer Appreciation

Handwritten notes help boost your customer appreciation efforts. What makes you feel more appreciated than a handwritten note? It shows effort. Someone took the time out of their day to pull out a piece of paper and a pen and compose their thoughts neatly, without the convenience of a backspace button. If you want to show you appreciate your customers, writing a handwritten note is the perfect way to do it.

Involve The Senses

Handwritten letters, memos and notes involve multiple senses. It turns a simple gesture into an experience for the reader. A handwritten letter has to be opened, touched, seen and smelled. It involves many more senses than a boring email that requires just the use of eyes. You can physically touch handwritten correspondence and smell the scent of the fresh paper used to compose it. It makes it easier for customers to remember your brand fondly. That is sure to help foster brand loyalty for your business, all thanks to a piece of paper that took minutes to compose.


Handwritten marketing materials offer a personalized touch that is simply impossible with digital correspondence. Modern consumers appreciate personalized outreach efforts more than ever. They are so rare in today’s high-tech, digital society. Yes, you can personalize an email with a customer’s name in the email subject line. Or, you can customize their marketing emails to their customer profile. But, there is nothing like the personalization of a real person hand writing to another person. It is one of the most personal and intimate forms of communication. Leveraging it is sure to make your best customers repeat customers.


Composing handwritten notes can help you establish your brand identity. This old-fashioned practice will distinguish your business from the less thoughtful competition. When customers think of your business, they will think of the nice handwritten letters you have sent them in the past. This will lead them to form a positive view of your business as a thoughtful, caring business. That is increasingly rare in today’s market. It helps build brand identity and encourage others to promote your brand through word of mouth advertising. This is a significant impact that a simple task can have on your overall business performance.

Company Culture

Handwriting notes can also be a wonderful addition to promote company culture within your business. Your employees are sure to see you taking the time and effort to go out of your way and write handwritten notes to employees and customers alike. That will encourage them to pick up the practice as well. They will see the benefits these notes have over digital correspondence. This will make them much more likely to adapt their own practices as well. That will lead to an inevitable culture shift for the better at your business. If you want to improve your company culture to make a more thoughtful, personal environment, handwritten letters may be just the write tool to help you do it.

If you are a business owner, your business can surely benefit from using handwritten notes as a marketing tool. Handwritten letters will help you personalize your marketing correspondence in a way that has long since been forgotten in the digital age. These handwritten memos will help you give your brand a boost by promoting better customer appreciation and personalization. Consider these benefits the next time you go to shoot off another thank you email or marketing email. Then, break out the pen and office paper and get to work instead. You are sure to like the results that follow.

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