Hate Business Travel? Stay Your Best When Out Of The Office

Living out of suitcases can be a bind – but there are things you can do to make traveling for business much more bearable. We’ll run you through some tips to keep you at your best – and some alternatives if you just stomach another week away from home.

Keep An Eye On Your Health

How many times has the healthy eating gone out the window when you’re faced with a delicious hotel breakfast? Consider the following to make sure your waistline doesn’t suffer when you’re away from home:

Stay hydrated – the good water habits you’re in at home can slip when you’re away. Keep some bottles of water in the boot of your car to make sure you stay hydrated. Traveling on a plane? A good BPA-free water bottle can be bought for less than $10/£8 and re-used again and again.

Don’t forget the veg – You’re statistically far more likely to get unwell when traveling – so make sure you don’t neglect the fruit and veg to keep those vitamin levels up and your immune system working well. After all, employees who eat healthy are more productive too.

Play it safe with the menu – You’re unlikely to know where’s got a reputation for dodgy seafood when you’re out of town, so plump for the safe options so you’re not missing important meetings thanks to an upset stomach.

Pack more vitamins, supplements and medication that you need – Packing extra means that delayed flights, unexpected extensions and other unforeseen circumstances don’t come at the expense of your health. Make sure they’re in your hand luggage to avoid extra inconvenience if your bags go missing.

Look Your Best

Not having your normal routine can be disconcerting and leave you feeling untidy and unprepared, follow these tips to stay looking and feeling your best.

Drive casual and change nearby – If you’re on the road prior to a meeting it’s easy to turn up creased and uncomfortable. Wearing light cotton layers means you can swap the top layer close to your destination and turn up looking sharp.

Pack an extra day in hand luggage – If you’re flying, pack an extra day’s worth of clothes in your carry-on, if your luggage is lost then you’ve at least got an extra 24 hours of business attire before you need to take action!

Co-ordinate – Choose shirts that match all your trousers, pack shoes that compliment everything in your case. Bold statements are fine – but packing to make a visual impact every day is going to take up a lot of room!

Snooze if required – If you’re heading straight into a meeting from travelling it’s sometimes prudent to take a ten-minute break before you arrive. Studies show that drinking a strong coffee before taking a short nap offers more of a perk-me-up than doing either individually. Lots of travel can leave your senses dulled, you owe it to yourself to be 100% switched on.

Keep Your Brain In Check

Travel can take a mental toll – especially if you’d much rather be at home. Keep your mental well-being at the top of your priority list by trying some of these things:

Mindfulness – Working away from home can feel like you’re never resting – so mindfulness can be a welcome break from the surrounding noise and busy schedule. You don’t have to be an expert, there are some great apps that will get you to focus on your breathing and relax your mind for just ten minutes. It’ll keep you sharp and settle your mind.

Video call important people – It can be hard when you miss loved ones and friends, using a video calling service like Facetime or Skype can put a familiar face in front you, immediately easing the stress of being away from home. Studies show that seeing or even hearing from someone you recognize can significantly reduce anxiety when you’re in unfamiliar surroundings.

Stretch – There are so many things that can impact your body when you travel – long spells in the same position driving, uncomfortable plane seats, unfamiliar beds – to name just a few. A quick 5-minute stretching regime can stop those aches and pains that make travel a real pain.

What To Do When Enough Is Enough

If you’re a business decision-maker it might be time to think about alternatives to constant travel. Your well-being must be put first – so if constant travel is taking its toll, it might be the right move for the long-term future of the business to think of other solutions.

Embed a staff member with your client – If you’re going to the same client time and time again then it can make a lot of sense to have someone dedicated working from their premises. Clearly, this needs a lot of logistical consideration, but your HR department will be able to advise according to the corporate travel policy of the company.

A move like this can display a huge amount of dedication and commitment to your client too, so gives you some leverage to discuss on-going contracts and pricing agreements.

Create a satellite office – If dedicated space and staff in a certain location would alleviate the need for the constant back-and-forth you’re experiencing – you might be surprised at how technology makes this a viable alternative. Forward thinking landlords will rent to businesses for smaller than average terms – and a good IT partner can have you connected in no time.

Installing business internet has traditionally taken 60-90 days, making ‘pop-up’ satellite premises unfeasible. Up to the minute network technology now means you’re able to have a new site online within days – and you’ll experience a faultless connection that’s like being at your desk in your office.

If this is your planned move, it pays to have an experienced IT service provider onside – a knowledgeable company will be able to plan and execute with your business at the heart of what they do – and that experience can lead to big cost reductions over your network in comparison to a mindless new installation. Having a guide like this one from SAS Global Communications means you can ensure your IT provider is leaving no stone unturned when it comes to delivering a great service.

Put Yourself First

For a huge number of people, business travel causes a problem because routines slip and health is impacted. Don’t discount how important it is to keep your mind in a healthy place when you’re on the road.

If this focus on your well-being isn’t providing any relief, then table some of the bigger solutions. The benefits to your company could stretch further than just keeping you at your desk.

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