Encouraging Employees To Eat Healthy With Yogurt


Eating healthy is a requirement in order to work productively and efficiently. However, like most people at the office, eating a snack every now and then is tempting. The calories that come with snacks are always a problem, so why not focus on something that is both delicious and healthy? Frozen yogurt is one of the healthiest snacks you can consume. More importantly, it will help employees stay productive and focused throughout the day.

Why Frozen Yogurt?

Although frozen yogurt has similarities to ice cream, the main difference is that frozen yogurt contains significantly less fat in it. While ice cream is heavier and less healthy, frozen yogurt can be enjoyed just as much in a few minutes between meetings. Adding nuts, strawberries, and other fruits to the yogurt is also a bonus that does not align with regular ice cream. It may in fact be tastier than regular ice cream because of these additional toppings. The various different flavors offered at frozen yogurt franchises also come as sorbets, fat free, and low fat for all kinds of needs and desires.

Enhancing Your Team’s Productivity

Adding to the benefits of frozen yogurt, this snack also offers essential nutrients for the body. These include minerals such as calcium, magnesium, potassium and zinc. The minerals are important for strengthening your mental capacity and overall mood, and for facilitating work to get done in the office.

Keeping Employees Healthy

In addition, frozen yogurt may even serve as a supplement to all those products people so often forget to consume. Many studies have shown that more than half of adults consume less than two thirds of recommended calcium per day. This is concerning, because calcium is imperative for the function of your body as a whole. Not properly consuming all the minerals and vitamins that a person needs is harmful to their health. Of course, no manager wants employees out sick and missing valuable time at work.

Frozen yogurt even contains more than the necessary components for a productive employee. It includes additional ingredients which further facilitate other systems. Yogurt contains a lactic acid bacteria known as Streptococcus thermophilus, which in fact helps the human body unlike most bacteria we hear about. Streptococcus thermophilus enhances the digestive function and aids in lactose digestion to those who suffer from lactose intolerance. It truthfully helps digestion to us all.

More Time At Work, Year-Round

Not only does frozen yogurt help with digestion, it even helps boost the immune system. The probiotics in the yogurt counteract the effect of illnesses, so it helps the body fight off infections. Now, who wouldn’t mind having some yogurt to prevent calling out sick? The fact that yogurt is able to do this demonstrates why there are so many frozen yogurt franchises throughout the nation and why they continue to grow each year.

Ultimately, the fact is that frozen yogurt helps the human body and can keep your employees engaged throughout the day. Nonetheless, individuals should be aware that too much of a product is not healthy. Knowing how to properly eat and stay healthy is a great way for managers to show their appreciation for employees. By having frozen yogurt at the office, people are able to enjoy a delicious snack without sacrificing any productivity at work.

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