5 Healthy Snacks For Office Meetings That Boost Productivity

Good managers provide employees with office meetings snacks. Great managers offer healthy snacks for office meetings that will give employees the brain fuel they need to produce high quality work. If, as a manager, you lay out a spread of heavy, unhealthy foods for office meetings, you will not fuel your co-workers’ brains. Instead, you will leave them feeling sleepy and sluggish. As a result, productivity decreases regardless of the amount of growth quotes you preach to employees. To ensure that you do the opposite, continue reading and discover the best healthy snacks for office meetings that boost productivity.

DIY Parfaits

Parfaits are one of the best healthy snacks for office meetings because they are both nutritious and easy to supply. Rather than putting a dozen parfaits together, save yourself time and set up a do-it-yourself station. Put plain or vanilla fat-free yogurt in a large bowl. If you want to increase the health benefits, opt for Greek yogurt. Chop up some seasonal fruits and throw them into another bowl. For additional toppings, make your own granola or purchase an organic bag from the grocery store. Then, employees can choose their own contents for their parfaits and consume brain fuel in the process. You will significantly improve your morning meetings along with your team’s time management statistics with this breakfast snack idea.

Mixed Nuts

If no one in your office has a serious nut allergy, mixed nuts is a great healthy snacks for office meetings option as well. However, be wary of the unhealthy packaged nuts sold in grocery stores. Stay away from packaged nuts that are full of unnecessary salt. Too much sodium is not healthy and will not increase employees’ productivity. Look for mixed nuts that are coated in sea salt or unsalted. If your employees have a sweet tooth, you can also purchase dark chocolate covered nuts. Either way, mixed nuts offer employees mega energy boosts any time of the day.

Homemade Muffins

Homemade muffins are also energy-boosting snacks that are great for office meetings. Many managers buy packaged muffins for office meetings. While workers may appreciate the tasty muffins, store-bought ones are full of added sugar and trans fat. To ensure that your co-workers receive proper, energy-boosting nutrients, bake your own muffins. More so, leave out all of the added sugar and trans fat ingredients. Replace them with healthier options. Use honey or pure maple syrup instead of sugar. Throw fruit pieces into your batter for additional vitamins and minerals. You will be surprised to see how many people like your healthy muffins at your next meeting.


For afternoon meetings, bring in hummus for employees. Hummus is full of protein, making it a great brain food. Get creative with the chickpea dip and purchase a variety of flavors. Then, pair it with fresh vegetables for a nutrient-dense snack. If you are nervous that workers will not enjoy vegetables, buy other healthy options too. Consider baked pita chips, pretzels, and whole grain bread. Offer a variety of dipping foods to guarantee employee satisfaction. Hummus is a great healthy alternative to other dips you may have brought to office meetings.

Smoked Salmon

In addition to hummus, smoked salmon also makes for a great afternoon healthy snacks for office meetings idea. Similar to hummus, smoked salmon is full of protein. Therefore, it is great for keeping employees alert and working throughout the remainder of the day. Smoke salmon is also a great healthy snack for meetings with partners or clients. While it seems like an upscale snack offering, it is easy to supply. Pair it with whole grain rolls and crackers for healthy carbohydrates. In no time, you will have a high quality office meeting snack for employees and clients alike.

Productivity increases when diet improves. To enhance workers’ thought processes, provide them with healthy snacks for office meetings. DIY parfaits is an easy, delicious, and fun healthy meeting snack. Purchase unsalted or sea salted mixed nuts. Bake homemade muffins that lack added sugars and trans fats found in store-bought ones. In the afternoon, provide hummus with healthy food for dipping like fresh vegetables. Lastly, purchase smoked salmon to display for employees and clients alike. Now, you know the best healthy snacks for office meetings that increase productivity.

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