5 Places To Look For High Quality Freelance Editors

There are many places to look for high quality freelance editors. Freelance editors enable businesses to create blog posts, landing pages, and more. By providing this content, businesses attract new consumers, retain existing ones, and differentiate themselves from competition. As a human resources (HR) professional, hiring skilled freelance editors allows your business to grow an audience with great business website content. In fact, hiring freelancer reduces costs compared to the higher pay demands of dedicated in-house editors. Read on to discover the best places to look for freelance editors.

Editorial Freelancers Association

The Editorial Freelancers Association is a great place to look for freelance editors. It is one of the largest organizations of freelance writers, editors, and other editorial professionals. Additionally, contracting with an individual professional enables a fairer deal, increased personal attention, and a stronger working relationship. While membership requires a yearly cost, searching the directory of members is free. In fact, you can filter the search by service and skill. Absolutely, the Editorial Freelancers Association provides a great place to look for freelance editors.

Industry-Specific Job Boards

Posting to industry-specific job boards enables you to target specific skills and criteria needed from your freelance editors. This specific targeting process reduces the time you’ll spend wading through unrelated and unqualified resumes. Therefore, you will be receiving and responding to relevant editors who have experience in their established niche. By contacting editors in this way, you both reduce contracting time and ensure the quality of your editors. Often, these job boards have integrated resume scanning software to optimize your candidate search. Certainly, posting jobs to industry-specific boards enables you to choose from high-quality candidates specific to your needs.

General Freelance Job Boards

Alternatively, posting to general freelance job boards will provide you with a variety of freelance editor candidates. There is a myriad of internet-based general job boards that connect business professionals like you with freelancers of various types. Often, these boards have millions of users, ensuring there will always be an editor relevant to your needs. Additionally, many boards allow users to list their specific skills and jobs where they excel. This way, you can filter search results to your business’s needs and still have a variety of editors to choose from. Definitely, posting to general freelance job boards provides a large pool of relevant applicants.

Editorial Software Platforms

There are many editorial software platforms that enable searches for freelance editing talent. Many of these platforms require significant investments. However, several provide various insights, analytics, and metrics on freelance candidates. This makes them a great option for finding pre-vetted editors with proven abilities. Additionally, these metrics and analytics provide deeper insights into editors’ qualities than bios on more general job boards. These insights enable a stronger working relationship and helps you manage your freelance workers. Of course, editorial software platforms enable stronger evaluation of candidate’s skills and abilities.

Editing Training Courses

Editing training courses provide a great place to search for freelance editing talent. Since the people taking these courses are interested in becoming better editors, most will jump at any paid opportunity. Additionally, their presence in these courses demonstrates their drive to improve their editing craft. Passing the course displays candidates’ editing skills and proves they’re serious about their craft. This way, you ensure only skilled and serious editors are contracted. Surely, editing training courses are a stellar place to look for freelance editors due to the skills they develop.

You can search for freelance editing talent in many places. One such place is the Editorial Freelancers Association, which provides direct contact with candidates. You can post to various industry-specific job boards to receive relevant applicants from all over the country. Alternatively, posting to more general job boards enables you to filter skills from a wider range of potential editors. Editorial software platforms employ analytics and other insights to establish more robust business relationships. Finally, seeking editors at various editorial training courses allows candidates to demonstrate their skills and seriousness. When wondering where to look for freelance editors, consider the points above.

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