5 Higher Education Digital Marketing Strategies To Drive Enrollment

Higher education digital marketing strategies have a significant impact on many institutes’ enrollment rates. Colleges and universities employ these strategies to establish a presence on popular platforms. This way, they drive high traffic and increase student interest. As a higher education marketing professional, you can leverage digital marketing to attract and engage more potential students. Read on to discover higher education digital marketing strategies to drive enrollment.

AI Implementation

The implementation of artificial intelligence (AI) in enrollment marketing endeavors enables simplification of many parts of your job. AI can provide more detailed information about which students are most likely to apply, enroll, and graduate from your institution. Additionally, AI harnesses the machine learning of various tech giants to digitally target potential students with greater precision. Moreover, machine learning capabilities enable better understanding of user behaviors. This way, you serve ads to audiences who are most engaged and most likely to respond. Surely, implementing AI ensures better targeting of prospective students.

Chatbots And Virtual Assistants

Recent advances in the artificial intelligence industry enable chatbots and virtual assistants to provide self-service capabilities. In fact, the UK’s Driver and Vehicle Licensing Agency recorded a 90% customer satisfaction rate by handling 30% of customer inquiries via chatbots. Additionally, chatbots see their greatest usage rates among younger generations. This way, they represent a perfect solution for higher education marketing. For instance, admissions chatbots handle inquiries from incoming students. Alternatively, chatbots address transitional logistics and schedule changes. Absolutely, freeing up time by using chatbots represents a stellar higher education digital marketing strategy.

Video Content

A recent study displays that videos over 15 minutes long drive over 50% of video engagement. Additionally, many marketing experts identify long-form video content as an important future trend. Since many higher education institutions produce long-form videos in the form of lectures and campus tours, capitalizing on this trend is simple. Often, it’s only a matter of applying better production values to existing video documentation methods. Of course, the simple matter of increasing production values enables your institution to receive more organic traffic.

Campus Social Media Showcase

Many institutions establish connections with students by leveraging the various social media platforms. According to studies, about 42% of the world’s population uses at least one of the many social media platforms. Therefore, showcasing aspects of campus life on social media attracts prospective students and makes them more likely to enroll. You can give potential students a sneak peek into campus life by posting sporting events, campus grounds, student achievements, and more. Definitely, give prospective students a taste of campus life by showcasing your institution on social media.

Content Marketing

Since people use social media and search engines every day, content marketing represents a great digital marketing method for higher education institutions. There’s a myriad of content marketing modalities that can be used to drive organic traffic. Websites represent a great example for showing audiences everything about your institution. Posting blogs regularly displays a great way to entice new students as well as start conversations with graduates. Fortunately, there are many best platforms to start a blog that you can choose from as well. Employing testimonials in your content marketing convinces students and their parents to enroll in your school. Certainly, content marketing presents a great way to drive organic traffic.

You can drive enrollment via higher education digital marketing in many different ways. Implementing AI enables the automated targeting of the potential students most likely to enroll. Additionally, many of your tasks can be streamlined by the implementation of chatbots to answer inquiries. Increasing production values on long-form video content drives more engagement. You also drive engagement by showcasing various aspects of your institution on social media. Finally, traditional content marketing represents a stellar method of driving traffic via conversations with students. When looking for higher education digital marketing strategies to drive enrollment, consider the points above.

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